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neuroses              neurasthenia              catatonia              melancholia              sleeplessness              delirium              hypochondria              tremens              cephalea              dysphoria              somnambulism              psychoneurosis              neurotic              convulsion              hallucinosis              psychogenic              somatization              derealization              psychosomatic              stupor              hallucination              hyperosmia              psychosis              moodiness              apathy              paranoia              paraphrenia              dysphasia              hallucinations              misophonia              oneiroid              schizoid              amnesia              hypotonia              posttraumatic              erotomania              cyclothymia              presyncope              hypervigilance              nonconvulsive              paresthesias              dysgnosia              hyperarousal              psychopathological              hypertonia              delusion              abulia              hypersomnia              narcolepsy              hallucinoses             

Examples of "neurosis"
In her final book, "Neurosis and Human Growth", Karen Horney laid out a complete theory of the origin and dynamics of neurosis.
Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Toward Self-Realization is the magnum opus of German-American psychoanalyst Karen Horney. In it she outlines her theory of neurosis.
Frankl contended that this new type of neurosis increased in the recent years. He estimated that 20% of all neurotic cases were also cases of noogenic neurosis.
Freud considered such neurosis as impervious to psychoanalytic treatment, as opposed to the transference neurosis where an emotional connection to the analyst was by contrast possible.
The replacement of the infantile neurosis by transference neurosis and its resolution through interpretation remains the main focus of the classical psychoanalytic therapy. In other types of therapy, either the transference neurosis does not develop at all, or it does not play a central role in the therapy process. Although it is more likely for transference neurosis to develop in psychoanalysis, where the sessions are more frequent, it may also appear during psychotherapy.
Tribes of Neurot is a side project of Neurosis that consists of all the members of Neurosis along with additional musicians. The music explores many of the same themes that Neurosis does but from a radically different angle. Whereas Neurosis has structured songs, Tribes of Neurot has given them the freedom to explore practically anything in music and sound, such as 2002's "Adaptation and Survival", which consists entirely of insect noises recorded and mixed to create something that sounds entirely different. Many of their releases coincide with Neurosis releases, such as "Silver Blood Transmission" and Neurosis' "Through Silver in Blood". Tribes of Neurot's "Grace" epitomizes this: released alongside Neurosis' "Times of Grace", the two discs are meant to be played simultaneously for an enhanced experience that neither disc delivers on its own.
In 1996, Neurosis attracted mainstream attention with its Relapse Records debut, "Through Silver in Blood" and subsequent tour with Pantera. In 1999, Neurosis released "Times of Grace", which was designed to be played synchronously with "Grace", an album released by Neurosis' ambient side project, Tribes of Neurot.
In "Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices" (1907), his earliest writing about religion, Freud suggests that religion and neurosis are similar products of the human mind: neurosis, with its compulsive behavior, is "an individual religiosity", and religion, with its repetitive rituals, is a "universal obsessional neurosis."
Saturday, April 25 - Neurosis presents "Beyond The Pale"
After a show with Converge and Neurosis, Akimbo was asked by members of Neurosis to join Neurot Recordings' roster. Neurot, owned by Neurosis guitarist-singer Steve Von Till, released Akimbo's latest and most critically acclaimed album entitled "Jersey Shores" in October 2008.
Neurosis & Jarboe is the self-titled debut studio album by the collaboration of Californian band Neurosis and ex-Swans vocalist and solo artist Jarboe. It was released on October 21, 2003 by Neurot Recordings
Noogenic neurosis is a term in logotherapy denoting a form of neurosis stemming from "existential frustration" (see existential crisis). The term was coined by Dr. Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy.
Benzoctamine has been found to have the same efficacy as chlordiazepoxide when treating anxiety neurosis
Jason Roeder is the drummer of the Oakland-based metal band Neurosis.
Transference neurosis can be distinguished from other kinds of transference because:
Pan-Neurosis is the existence of multiple neurotic symptoms such as:
Moses, P.J. (1954) The Voice of Neurosis. New York: Grune and Stratton.
According to the "American Heritage Medical Dictionary", "neurosis" is "no longer used in psychiatric diagnosis."
Ladman's comedy is self-described as "self-probing, anxiety-venting vehicle" for "exposing personal neurosis".
According to C. George Boeree, professor emeritus at Shippensburg University, the symptoms of neurosis may involve: