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narcissistic              antisocial              obsessional              paranoid              hypersexual              neuroses              histrionic              moodiness              hysterical              schizotypal              schizoid              sleeplessness              derealization              sociopathic              obsessive              neurosis              melancholic              paranoia              dysphoria              homicidal              negativistic              demented              deranged              hyperarousal              hypochondria              catatonia              hypomania              malingering              apathetic              anosmia              psychopathological              schizotypy              narcissist              introverted              paraphilic              sadistic              delusions              psychosomatic              narcissism              listless              compulsions              paraphrenia              hallucination              neurasthenia              melancholia              hypersexuality              dysgnosia              unemotional              avoidant              idiocy             

Examples of "neurotic"
Science is fundamentally a neurotic behavior. The 'well-adjusted', by definition, do not wish to understand or change the world; they simply accept it. Only the neurotic wants to know why and how. Only the neurotic wants change.
A neurotic American living in Rome consults with an equally neurotic psychiatrist about his various fears, and the disintegrating relationship with his wife.
Initially Horney listed 10 neurotic needs, including affection, achievement, and self-sufficiency. In later writings she grouped the neurotic needs into three trends
2006 - short film (Horror) : "Neurotic" - director
The Neurotic Personality Questionnaire KON-2006 is a psychometric tool used for diagnosing personality dysfunctions that contribute to the development of neurotic disorders. The use of the questionnaire may facilitate the diagnosis of neurotic disorder, as well as make it easier to differentiate between neurotic and pseudoneurotic syndroms, e.g. reaction to stress. Moreover, the questionnaire enables evaluation of changes occurring in the course of treatment.
A set of all the answers determine the OWK coefficient that refers to the global intensity of symptoms typical for neurotic disorders. OWK coefficient allows quick diagnosis of a neurotic disorder (with above 90% accuracy), without indicating which particular neurotic disorder (in the terms of ICD-10 F-40 group) a patient is suffering from.
Neurotic (high anxiety personalities, negative parental upbringing Hypochondriasis)
Psychotic and neurotic illnesses in twins, 1953, HMSO.
The result in the neurotic may be a dominance of parental demand, and of the social objects valued by such demands - jobs, degrees, marriage, success, money and the like. Lacan considered indeed that for the neurotic "the demand of the Other assumes the function of an object in his phantasy...this prevalence given by the neurotic to demand".
The Neurotic Deathfest was an annual music festival dedicated to death metal. Formerly known as the Rotterdam Deathfest, it was created by Neurotic Records and has since been relocated to Tilburg.
Neuroticism is similar but not identical to being neurotic in the Freudian sense (i.e., neurosis.) Some psychologists prefer to call neuroticism by the term emotional stability to differentiate it from the term neurotic in a career test.
Rothman has recently gained fame as the formerly anonymous "Neurotic Parent" author, essayist and anonymous blogger The Neurotic Parent (, whose satiric guide to college admissions was published using the name J.D. Rothman in March 2012 by Prospect Park Books.
Pan-Neurosis is the existence of multiple neurotic symptoms such as:
Criteria are met for a neurotic or personality disorder, preferably at least two.
Psychohistorians endorse trauma models of schizoid, narcissistic, masochistic, borderline, depressive and neurotic personalities.
James also has to tell a neurotic dog-owner that his pet is going blind.
Neurotics Anonymous (Neuróticos Anónimos) groups in Mexico, like the groups in the United States, are predominantly female. The connotation of the word "neurotic", however, is different. Anyone who openly expresses anger is considered neurotic. For example, a wife who frequently scolds her husband or children is neurotic and can be treated in N/A. While men can be neurotic it is considered to be mostly a female affliction, usually developed in response to male alcoholic behavior. Al-Anon groups in Mexico City are also predominantly female, but many women attend N/A to deal with their husband's alcoholism.
Franz Alexander, 'The Neurotic Character' "International Journal of Psychoanalysis" XI 1930
ICD 10 classifies adjustment disorders under F40-F48 and under neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders.
Joseph Wolpe developed the process of systematic desensitization in 1958. Wolpe studied Ivan Pavlov's work on artificial neuroses and the research done on elimination of children's fears by Watson and Jones. In 1958, Wolpe did a series of experiments on the artificial induction of neurotic disturbance in cats. He found that gradually deconditioning the neurotic animals was the best way to treat them of their neurotic disturbances. Wolpe deconditioned the neurotic cats through different feeding environments. Wolpe knew that this treatment of feeding would not generalize to humans and he instead substituted relaxation as a treatment to relieve the anxiety symptoms.