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Examples of "ngara"
Ngara is a small town in Ngara District, Kagera Region, in Tanzania, East Africa.
Ngara Airport is an airport in northwestern Tanzania serving the town of Ngara.
"Yura marri ngara yanga marri, barrbanga gurlibuwa"
2000-2006: Severine Niwemugizi, Bishop of Rulenge-Ngara
Edward Ngara is a Solomon Islands professional football manager.
, Ngara District was administratively divided into seventeen wards:
Kabanga is one of the oldest town in Tanzania, the people in this town are diversity because most of them came from different part of the Africa continent even few of them came from outside Africa such as Asia and Europe. Wahagaza are the indigenous of Ngara even though they might have originated from Rwanda and Burundi but they were the first people to settle in Ngara. One thing that attracted those settlers it is its beautiful weather of semi equatorial climate. Ngara gets enough rain from September to early June. Ngara always look green because the people of Ngara like to plant bananas around their houses since the banana trees stay green even in dry season that make Ngara green region.
According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Ngara District was 334,939.
Ngara Girls' High School is a girls' secondary boarding school in Nairobi, Kenya.
The "Ngara Institute" was established in early 2014, taking its name from the name of Whitlam's birthplace.
Deogratias Aloyce Ntukamazina is a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Ngara constituency since 2010.
For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections Ngara District had one constituency:
South C is home to several sports clubs and hotels. The clubs include The South C Sports Club, Ministry of Works (MOW) Sports Club, Kenya Motor Sports Club, and the Ngara Sports Club. The Ngara Sport Club cricket ground is located in South C. Some of the hotels in South C are The Boma, The Red Court Hotel, Ole Sereni and Eka Hotel
Ngara is the birthplace of the former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. It is located at 46 Rowland Street, Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. 'Ngara' means 'to listen, hear and think' in Darug language of the Darug or Iyora (Eora) Aboriginal people in the Sydney area.
However the recent state council meetings in 2014 has been put forward an argumentation to divide the district into two constituencies which will be North Ngara and South Ngara. This has been agreed for or the case after the allocation of new Region which in the coming years the district will be sharing one region with the other two District from Kigoma region which are Kakonko and Kibondo joining Ngara and Biharamulo from Kagera Region to form a new Region with its headquarters at Nyakanazi the recent and popular known junction joining Kigoma region with Kagera Region.
It opened in January 1957 as a mixed-sex secondary school for Indian-Kenyan students. It served Nairobi neighborhoods of Ngara and Parklands.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rulenge–Ngara () is a diocese located in Rulenge in the Ecclesiastical province of Mwanza in Tanzania.
Ngara is located in northwestern Tanzania near the borders of Rwanda and Burundi. Its elevation is approximately and is considered to be in the highlands of Tanzania.
City High School was established in 1952 by the Sharma family, who had managed several high schools in the Ngara area.
The local language in Ngara is KIshubi and KIhangaza,which are very similar to Rundi and Nyarwanda, the languages of Rwanda and Burundi. Although Tanzania’s national and official languages are Swahili and English, usage in Ngara District is, however, rather limited to official functions, offices, institutions of higher learning and a few other places. Generally, English is understood on a limited scale in the market, and Swahili much more so.