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"Ndi vha Nyambado I no rema thavha ya Lwamondo, ngeno ya vhanwe I tshirema basha. Hu aniwa nga matshele na nyambado. Nwana a losha vhari, dzulani zwanu Kwinda Rambado, Mulaudzi wa ha Nyambado. Vho mme vha tshi vhidza vhana vhari idani ngeno Mphwambado!"
Emurua Dikirr is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of six constituencies of Narok County . The constituency was established for the 2013 elections. Its current Member of Parliament is Johana Ngeno.
The Sasak language is closely related to the languages of Bali and Sumbawa, and to most other languages of Western Indonesia more distantly. There are also a number of Sasak dialect in various regions such as Kuto-Kute (North Sasak), Meno-Mene (Central Sasak), Mriak-Mriku (Central South Sasak), Ngeno-Ngene (Central East Sasak, Central West Sasak), Ngeto-Ngete (Northeast Sasak) and so on.
Ngeno Nakamhela (born 24 April 1945 in Omondudu, Ohangwena Region) is a Namibian priest in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia. From 1992-1999, he played a prominent role in Namibian politics as General Secretary of the Council of Churches in Namibia. As head of the CCN, the Lutheran leader called for an end to the Namibia Defence Force's involvement in the Second Congo War. He was also active in campaign's for an end to domestic violence and promoting the rights of older people. In 2001, he became the pastor of an inner city congregation in Windhoek.