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Examples of "nicoline"
Bertha Nicoline Tuxen (14 November 1847 – 5 April 1931) was a Danish still life-, flower- and portraitpainter.
He was born in Throndhjem as the son of Christian Martin Eckhoff and his wife Nicoline Johanne Luytkis. He married Nicoline Otilie Eckhoff in July 1869; the couple had several children. He was a granduncle of jurist Ernst Fredrik Eckhoff, actor Johannes Eckhoff, legal academic Torstein Eckhoff and designer Tias Eckhoff.
There was no elimination this week due to Nicoline Simone & Jean Michel withdrawing for personal reasons. All votes from this week were moved forward to the next week.
Nicoline Tuxen remained unmarried, she died in Frederiksberg at the age of 83 and was buried at the Holmens Cemetery in Copenhagen.
Anker was married to Petronelle Didrikke Cathrine Tank (1806-1833) daughter of Carsten Tank. Following her death, he married Cathrine Olava Nicoline Gløersen (1814-1902).
Ondangwa Prof Pre-Primary was opened in 1998 by Nicoline Enslin and her husband, Gerhard Enslin as one of the first private schools in Ondangwa.
On 24 December 1943, she intercepted the German merchant ship "Nicoline Maersk", forcing the freighter to run aground near Tortosa, Spain.
He was married to Nicoline Catharine Hoë (1791-1850). Their daughter, Marie Garmann (born abt 1815) was married to Arild Christopher Huitfeld (1813-1877).
In 1811 he married Nicoline Andrea Christensen (1792–1827) from Holmestrand. Their oldest son Henrik Hornemann would become a member of parliament.
In February 1859 he married Nicoline Conradine Hansen (1822–81), a daughter of Maurits Christopher Hansen. They had the son Einar Sundt, a publisher.
Andreas Jørgensen Schaft (1760–1826) was a Norwegian civil servant (). He was married to Petronelle Nicoline Green, with whom he had the daughter Martine Elisabeth Schaft (1799–1843), who 8 May 1824 married the missionary Magnus Andreas Gjør (1801-1874).
Arnstein Rynning Arneberg was born in Fredrikshald as a son of factory manager Mauritz Otto Edward Arneberg (1845–1913) and Hermione Nicoline Mathilde Rynning (1858–1944). Arnstein Arneberg grew up in Lysaker in Oslo.
He was born in Dybvåg as the son of bishop Kristian Vilhelm Koren Schjelderup and Henriette Nicoline Hassel. He had several brothers and sisters. His younger brother Harald Krabbe Schjelderup became a professor of psychology.
Mandel was born 9 May 1924 as the first child of assistant Carl Leonhard Bogstad Mandel and wife Aase Nicoline née Kihl and baptized in Mariendal Church on 15 July the same year.
While living there he and his wife had four daughters, Petrine Marie Isabella Petersen (19 February 1858), Agnes Theodora Elna Petersen (22 April 1860), Olga Dagmar Nicoline Petersen (14 June 1862) and Thora Astrid Vilhelmine Petersen (19 September 1873).
He was married in 1844 with Nicoline Munch (1821-1871), daughter of painter Jacob Munch. They had six children, of whom the painter Frits Thaulow was the most notable.
The 2004 prize was awarded on April 27 to Saskia Olde Wolbers. The other shortlisted artists were Haluk Akakçe, Tonico Lemos Auad, Simon Bedwell, Ergin Çavusoglu, Andrew Cross, Susan Philipsz, Imogen Stidworthy, Hayley Tompkins and Nicoline Van Harskamp.
Nicoline Haugård Sørensen (born 15 August 1997) is a Danish football forward who plays for Brøndby IF of Denmark's Elitedivisionen. In 2016 she was named in the senior Denmark national team for the first time.
He married Henriette Nicoline Hassel, with whom he had nine children. Their son Kristian Vilhelm Koren Schjelderup, Jr. became a bishop as well, while their youngest son Harald Krabbe Schjelderup became a professor of psychology.
Nicoline Artursson born 22 April 1993 is a Swedish fashion model and Miss World Sweden titleholder. Artursson represented Sweden in Miss World 2011 on November 6 in London. Nicoline Artursson was born in the village of Villshärad outside Halmstad. Artursson speaks French after living in Paris, France for a year modelling for the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch located on Champs-Élysées. Artursson was also offered to be the Bachelorette in the French version of the television reality series The Bachelorette, but declined as she had to finish her studies back in Sweden.