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yerke              hocknell              wansley              zavitz              elich              bubnick              sabloff              hartenberger              schachtman              barthol              shellhorn              lockery              touchton              sytsma              golley              bargeron              wilborn              gevensleben              dimuzio              lovelle              konikoff              lewinson              darcie              birdsey              rigano              kurasch              gierach              roussell              winnard              nuttycombe              plews              nepstad              lochrie              rapoza              luhning              piland              dacoda              dopson              aanensen              wintz              menees              tarras              hachey              hendersen              luerssen              gammie              kurtti              bamsey              bleuel              cavaleri             

Examples of "niesz"
The group has moved on to record a second full-length album, Box of Bullets. The recording was done at Ultrasuede Studios with the help of Brian Niesz.
Gorgasia thamani is an eel in the family Congridae (conger/garden eels). It was described by David Wayne Greenfield and Sean Niesz in 2004. It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from Fiji, in the western central Pacific Ocean. It is known to dwell at a depth range of . Males can reach a maximum total length of .
All This Time is the second album by American blues rock band Heartless Bastards. It is their second Release on Fat Possum Records. It was their last full release to include the original drummer Kevin Vaughn and bassist Mike Lamping, who would both leave before recording The Mountain. It was produced by Brian Niesz and released on August 8, 2006.
The play has been characterised by Anthony J. Niesz as "a sort of conservative propaganda play" in response to the French Revolution. As Patrick Fortmann puts it, the play aims to ridicule the revolution, to show how utterly out of place it is in rural Germany, how misleading its promises of liberty and equality, how self-serving its enthusiasts, how amateurishly the cabals plotted in secret, and how unnecessary the whole undertaking, if the social classes are willing to cooperate and to meet each other half-way. Goethe sets out to ridicule the symbolism of the French Revolution – the uniform, cockade, cap and sabre (all of which, in the 1793 Weimar production, were the genuine articles, having been brought back from France by Goethe as spoils of war) – by having the peasant Märten critique them by the standards of contemporary German peasant dress.
Since the patrol boats of Squadron One were an essential part of the blockade of war supplies entering South Vietnam from North Vietnam, it was decided that they would be transferred to the South Vietnamese navy after crews had been trained to operate them effectively. On 2 November 1968, Zumwalt, Commander, Naval Forces Vietnam, presented a plan to General Creighton W. Abrams, Commander, MACV to turn over all U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard resources to the RVN by 30 June 1970. Abrams approved the Navy's plan with the caveat that any equipment turned over to the Vietnamese would have to be in first-class condition and that they would have to be properly trained in its use. The Navy plan called for the enlisted Vietnamese personnel to report aboard vessels for training first with the officers finally reporting aboard after the crews were trained. In a recommendation made 14 January 1969, the Commander, Coast Guard Activities Vietnam, Captain Ralph W. Niesz, suggested that English speaking Vietnamese officers report aboard first and be given the chance to receive extensive procedural training with Coast Guard crews before any junior personnel report aboard. Neisz cited cultural imperatives that required seniors to be more knowledgeable than subordinates and that it would be very difficult for officers to accept instruction from junior personnel without losing face. Zumwalt agreed with the Coast Guard plan enthusiastically and ordered it implemented immediately.