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Examples of "nietlispach"
Franz Nietlispach (born 2 April 1958) is a Swiss wheelchair athlete, handcyclist, and politician.
The Men's marathon T52-53 was a marathon event in athletics at the 1996 Summer Paralympics, for wheelchair athletes. Franz Nietlispach and Heinz Frei finished in gold and bronze medal positions respectively for Switzerland, ensuring that Nietlispach won his first marathon title and also setting a Personal Record. Of the sixty-three starters, fifty-six reached the finish line.
A Swiss Sky was flown across the Alps from Bern to Béziers in France in 1955 by Hans Nietlispach, a distance of which still stands as the Swiss straight line record.
Sinkamba had been due to compete in three events, but ultimately withdrew from two of them and focused all his efforts on the marathon. He completed it, but finished 56th and last, over half an hour behind Ecuador's Angel Quevedo in 55th - and more than an hour and a half behind Franz Nietlispach of Switzerland, who took gold and set a Paralympic record with a time of 1:29:44.
The concept of the event was "Azerbaijan vs. Europe" and the fight card saw 12 fights. The main event saw Zabit Samedov in action two weeks before his rematch against Badr Hari, as he took on Wiesław Kwaśniewski in a heavyweight contest. As well, SUPERKOMBAT tryouts selectee Janosch Nietlispach was on the card, along with SUPERKOMBAT New Heroes and SUPERKOMBAT tournament winner Muamer Tufekčić. Other names on the card included rising young prospect Alim Nabiyev, and Romanian Cristian Milea.
Switzerland's most successful athlete, and one of the most successful Paralympians of all times, is wheelchair athlete Heinz Frei, who since his début in 1984 has won fourteen gold medals, seven silver and eleven bronze, in track events, road cycling and cross-country skiing. He has, in particular, won the Paralympic marathon for his disability category on two occasions, in 1984 and in 1992. In addition, wheelchair athlete Franz Nietlispach, over the course of his career from 1976 to 2004, won fourteen gold medals, six silver and one bronze in track events, from sprinting to long distance running, as well as a bronze medal in road cycling. At the 1984 Games, he managed a virtually clean sweep of the six individual racing events he entered, winning gold in five, but taking "only" silver in the 100 metres, where he was beaten by D. Barret of the United States. At the 1988 Games, Nietlispach won six gold medals in individual races, including the 5,000 metres (though he was again beaten in the 100 metres). Rolf Heinzmann, for his part, won twelve gold medals and two silver in alpine skiing between 1980 and 2002, including a clean sweep of the downhill, slalom, giant slalom and Super-G in 1998.
He has competed in every Summer Paralympic Games from 1976 to 2008, winning a total of fourteen gold, six silver, and two bronze medals. All of these medals were for athletics, except for one bronze earned in handcycling at the 2004 Games. At the 2008 Beijing Games, Nietlispach competed only in cycling; this was the first time he appeared at the Paralympics without participating in an athletics event. He also competed in table tennis early in his career, taking part in that sport at the 1976 and 1980 Paralympics.
Zambia first participated in the Paralympic Games in 1996, sending Sinkamba as its sole representative. He was entered in three events in track and field. Opting to focus on the marathon, however, he withdrew from the other two events (the 800m and 1,500m races). He completed the marathon in 3:09:17. He thus came 56th and last among those who finished the race (seven did not), over half an hour behind Ecuador's Angel Quevedo in 55th – and more than an hour and a half behind Franz Nietlispach of Switzerland, who took gold and set a Paralympic record with a time of 1:29:44.
Hug was born in the municipality of Pfyn in Switzerland in 1986. Born with spina bifida, Hug grew up on a farm, the youngest of four brothers. As a young child, he met Swiss wheelchair racer, and Hug's sporting idol, Franz Nietlispach, beginning Hug's desire to take up athletics. The ten-year-old Hug was introduced to racing when a sports teacher brought in an old racing wheelchair. This led to Hug competing in his first wheelchair race that year, the 3 km youth race which was part of the Schenkon Marathon. Winning this event inspired him to take up wheelchair athletics and he joined the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil where he teamed up with trainer Paul Odermatt.