Synonyms for nigriceps or Related words with nigriceps

nigripes              melanops              lugubris              ocellata              signatus              melanocephalus              variegatus              flavifrons              guttata              inornata              humeralis              brachypterus              maculatus              melanura              scutatus              rufiventris              cinerascens              nigrifrons              celebensis              bimaculata              nebulosa              virgatus              venustus              rufescens              melanurus              undulatus              tigrina              vittatus              bifasciatus              lunulata              ruficeps              guttatus              dimidiata              laticeps              pygmaea              nigerrimus              torquata              ornatus              pulchellus              bicornis              rufipes              nuchalis              nitidula              maculosus              cincta              bimaculatus              albiceps              marmoratus              pallipes              cucullata             

Examples of "nigriceps"
Polioptila nigriceps: Perlita Sinaloense, Black-Capped Gnatcatcher
The yellow-throated greenbul ("Arizelocichla nigriceps chlorigula") is a subspecies of the mountain greenbul ("Arizelocichla nigriceps"), but sometimes considered a distinct species. It is found in Malawi and Tanzania.
Zodarion nigriceps is a spider species found in Corsica and Sardinia.
The hooded scaly-foot, "Pygopus nigriceps", is an endemic Australian legless lizard of the Pygopodidae family.
The black-headed tody-flycatcher ("Todirostrum nigriceps") is a species of bird in the family Tyrannidae.
The Andean slaty thrush ("Turdus nigriceps") is a species of bird in the family Turdidae.
The black antshrike ("Thamnophilus nigriceps") is a species of bird in the family Thamnophilidae.
Eois nigriceps is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in Peru.
The bar-bellied woodpecker ("Veniliornis nigriceps") is a species of bird in the family Picidae.
The Plains black-headed snake ("Tantilla nigriceps") is a species of snake of the family Colubridae.
Rhagonycha nigriceps is a species of soldier beetles belonging to the family Cantharidae, subfamily Cantharinae.
Glipostenoda nigriceps is a species of beetle in the "Glipostenoda" genus. It was described in 1968.
Tipulamima nigriceps is a moth of the family Sesiidae. It is known from Sierra Leone.
The black-capped gnatcatcher ("Polioptila nigriceps") is a very small songbird.
Calycina nigriceps is a species of beetle in the "Calycina" genus. It was described in 1922.
Ermischiella nigriceps is a species of beetle in the "Ermischiella" genus. It was described in 1975.
The grey-throated babbler ("Stachyris nigriceps") is a species of bird in the Timaliidae family.
The black-capped apalis ("Apalis nigriceps") is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family.
"M. nigriceps" is a member of the "M. gulosa" species group, which is the largest species group of the nine groups described. The specific name, "nigriceps", is a combination of "nigri", which derives from the Latin word "nigra", meaning "black", and "ceps", which is derived from the Greek word "cephalē", meaning "head". This references the distinctive black head of the ant. With this said, "M. nigriceps" is commonly known as the black-headed bull ant.
First identified by Gustav Mayr in 1862, Mayr provided the first description of "M. nigriceps" in his journal "Myrmecologische Studien". The species was described under the binomial name "Myrmecia nigriceps", based on syntype workers collected from Gayndah and Sydney. In 1907, Swiss myrmecologist Auguste Forel treated "M. nigriceps" as a variant of "M. vindex", but he eventually treated it as a synonym in 1910. "M. nigriceps" was revived as a full species in 1933 by American entomologist William Morton Wheeler, on the basis that it is distributed throughout Australia and its average size is greater than "M. vindex". Scottish born Australian entomologist John S. Clark published one synonym – "Myrmecia fasciata", now considered a junior synonym. "M. nigriceps" is a member of the genus "Myrmecia", a part of the primitive subfamily Myrmeciinae; most ancestors of the genus are only found in fossils, with the exception of the dinosaur ant ("Nothomyrmecia macrops").