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Examples of "nin"
He was the father of Thorvald Nin, composer Joaquín Nin-Culmell, and writer Anaïs Nin with singer Rosa Culmell.
He also wrote other songs like "Pusong Tagub nin Sakit" and "Hinuyop-hoyop nin Dios".
In 2015, Yuka appeared as a flashback in the drama 5 nin Junko(go nin junko).
There are also statues of Gregory of Nin in the cities of Nin, Croatia and Varaždin, Croatia.
11–18: im-dub-ba nin-ĝir-su-ka nam-nun-da-ki-gar-ra bara en-lil-la bara nin-ḫur-sag-ka bara nin-ĝir-su-ka bara utu bi-du
Previously unpublished works are coming to light in "A Café in Space, the Anaïs Nin Literary Journal", which includes "Anaïs Nin and Joaquín Nin y Castellanos: Prelude to a Symphony—Letters between a father and daughter."
Chau So She, wife of Chau Siu-ki's son Chau Tsun-nin, Chau Hui She, wife of his another son Chau Chak-nin, his another son Chau Kit-nin and his wife, Chau Siu-ki's third and fourth concubines and his aged mothers were also killed in the disaster. Chau Tsun-nin survived from the disaster and was rescued from the wreckage.
NIN originated as a ligature of the cuneiform glyphs of MUNUS () and TÚG (); the NIN sign was written as MUNUS.TÚG () in archaic cuneiform, notably in the Codex Hammurabi. The syllable "nin", on the other hand, was written as MUNUS.KA () in Assyrian cuneiform. MUNUS.KU = NIN () means "sister".
In February 2008, Los Angeles poet Steven Reigns organized Anaïs Nin @ 105 at the Hammer Museum. Reigns said: "Nin bonded and formed very deep friendships with women and men decades younger than her. Some of them are still living in Los Angeles and I thought it'd be wonderful to have them share their experiences with [Nin]." Bebe Barron, electronic music pioneer and longtime friend of Nin, made her last public appearance at Anaïs Nin @ 105. Reigns also published an essay refuting Bern Porter’s claims of a sexual relationship with Nin in the 1930s.
As a bonus the game includes Cave's vertical shooter DoDonPachi with Kinect support, and a new version of Nin²-Jump titled Nin²-Brain.
Former members of the POUM formed the Fundación Andreu Nin (Andreu Nin Foundation) to preserve the heritage of their party and ideological current.
Manuel Nin i Güell, O.S.B., also known as Manuel Nin, (born 20 August 1956) is the Apostolic Exarch to Greece of the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church.
"NIN" was originally started in 1935. During the late 1980s Slobodan Milošević and his followers converted major publications, including "NIN", into media outlets of Serbian nationalism.
Nin was historically important as a centre of a medieval Christian Bishopric. Up to the abolition and Latinization imposed by King Tomislav in the first half of the 10th century, Nin was the centre of the autonomous Croatian branch of the Church. Nin was also the seat of the Princes of Dalmatia. The Bishop Gregory of Nin ("Grgur Ninski") was an important figure in the 10th century ecclesiastical politics of Dalmatia.
In 1991, Gottlieb met with Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field, owners of the newly launched Interscope Records, about the TVT artist Nine Inch Nails (NIN). Gottlieb had been approached by more established labels about NIN, but wasn't convinced that they would be able to enhance NIN's long-term success. Gottlieb felt that NIN was a cornerstone artist around which a great label could be built and only under those circumstances would NIN be sufficiently appreciated.
In February 2008, Reigns organized Anaïs Nin @ 105 at the Hammer Museum. Reigns said, “Nin bonded and formed very deep friendships with women and men decades younger than her. Some of them are still living in Los Angeles and I thought it’d be wonderful to have them share their experiences with (Nin),” It was through the event Reigns met Bebe Barron, who made her last public appearance at Anais Nin @ 105. Reigns spoke at Bebe Barron’s memorial.
Reigns owns a large collection of Nin memorabilia and ephemera, one item is a copy of Marcel Proust’s Albertine disparue, once owned by Nin. In the book are lines underlined by Henry Miller with notes are written in the margin by both Nin and Miller. The Albertine character was an important figure for Nin and Miller as he provided a reference point to talk about June and subsequently their own relationship.
Reigns also organized and curated "Anais Nin’s Influence: Women who Knew Nin Talk About her Writing, Her Life and Their Friendship with Her" at the West Hollywood Library. Reigns said of Nin and the event: “The struggles of life, love, and artistry Nin documented in detail daily. Her life and writings are more relevant now than ever. Hearing firsthand from women who Nin is an exceptional experience.”
Anaïs Nin: A Biography is Deirdre Bair's award-winning biography of writer Anaïs Nin. It is considered arguably by many to be the most comprehensive, well-researched, and scholarly biography available of Nin. Though the biography has received praise, it has also angered some fans of Anaïs Nin as well as some of her former associates, some of whom claim that Bair's critical and rigorous investigation of Anaïs Nin's life is unsympathetic.
Paris, France in 1931. Anaïs Nin is in a stable relationship with her husband Hugo, but longs for more out of life. When Nin first meets Henry Miller, he is working on his first novel. Nin is drawn to Miller and his wife June, as well as their bohemian lifestyle. Nin becomes involved in the couple's tormented relationship, having an affair with Miller and also pursuing June. Ultimately, Nin helps Miller to publish his novel, "Tropic of Cancer", but catalyzes the Millers' separation, while she returns to Hugo.