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Examples of "nipissis"
The eponymous Nipissis River is a left tributary of the Moisie River, with its source north of Lake Siamois. Nipissis, first identified as such in 1892 by surveyor Vincent, comes from the Innu language meaning "small body of water" or "small stream". In previous centuries, the river was also known as Little Saguenay and Moisie River East Branch.
As with neighboring communities Lac-Jerome and Petit-Mecatina, Rivière-Nipissis has been completely uninhabited since at least 1991.
Rivière-Nipissis is an unorganized territory in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec, Canada, part of the Sept-Rivières Regional County Municipality.
Although fishing rights belong to the "Camp's fishing river Moisie" they are administered by the APRM under a renewable agreement from year to year. The Fishing Camp holds the exploitation rights to eight kilometers, being the owner of the riverbed. On public lands upstream, fishing rights are leased to five outfitters: Moisie-Nipissis, Camp Messnak, Moisie-Ouapetec, Moisie-Water-Gold and Upper Moisie.
Located on the North Shore of St. Lawrence River, the Moisie River takes its source from water bodies of lakes Opocopa and Ménistouc, having an elevation of above sea level. The main tributaries of the Moisie River are Pékans River which begins south of the Mont Wright (Quebec) and Nipissis River (deriving its source in Lake Wacouno). The watershed of the Moisie River is between that of St. Margaret River (west side) and Matamec River (east side).