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miyauchi              kashiwagi              manabe              egawa              majima              yonekura              yoshioka              koike              nishiwaki              ohishi              suetsugu              naganuma              takahara              hirooka              sugaya              takemura              fukuhara              tasaka              akao              obinata              kamei              tokuda              kawamoto              terao              yamano              koyama              hamano              kusano              sonoda              iwasa              kida              shimamura              kitajima              hirakawa              takano              fujiki              kawashima              shibahara              fujino              miyashita              kusakabe              oishi              takatsu              tsukagoshi              ninomiya              satou              takaishi              mukai              kajiwara              kunihiro             

Examples of "nishino"
The song is being used in commercials for fashion jewellery company GemCerey. Nishino also worked together with Gencerey to create a special Kana Nishino line on jewellery products, including necklaces, rings and cellphone straps.
Azuki has three best friends, Kaoru Nishino (西野 かおる "Nishino Kaoru"), Midori Kodama (児玉 翠 "Kodama Midori") and Tomomi Takahashi (高橋 朋美 "Takahashi Tomomi").
Nishino (西野) is a Japanese name. It can refer to:
The center position in the choreography for the title song is held by Nanase Nishino.
Nishino Kana has scored four number-one albums. She also had numerous chart-topping hits on the digital charts.
Meteorin regulates glial cell differentiation and promotes the formation of axonal networks during neurogenesis (Nishino et al., 2004 [PubMed 15085178]).
The center position in the choreography for the title song is held by Nanase Nishino and Mai Shiraishi.
Nishino was added to the Japanese baseball team's roster for the 2014 Major League Baseball Japan All-Star Series.
Nishino debuted in 2008 under Sony Music Japan, and gained national recognition with the singles "Tōkutemo" and "Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara" (2009). Nishino has released some of the most digitally successful songs in Japan: "Motto..." (2009), "Dear..." (2009), "Best Friend" (2010), "Aitakute Aitakute" (2010), "If" (2010) and "Kimi tte" (2010), all of which were certified million by the RIAJ.
Nishino-seto Strait () is a narrow strait between Ongulkalven Island and Ongul Island in Lutzow-Holm Bay. Mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition, 1936-37. Surveyed by Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE), 1957–62, and named Nishino-seto (western strait) because of its location in the Flatvaer Islands.
In 2007 while preparing to be a singer, she was also studying English literature at college. At the time she met Australian duo Nervo, who offered Nishino a song called "I Don't Wanna Know" for use in her music project. Nishino rewrote the song's lyrics into Japanese herself, and re-titled it "I".
Nishino-ura Cove () is a cove indenting the western side of East Ongul Island. First mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the Lars Christensen Expedition, 1936-37. Surveyed by Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE), 1957, and named Nishino-ura (western cove).
A naval reserve officer, Nishino commanded a merchant ship which sailed through the Santa Barbara Channel before the war. His ship had once stopped at the Ellwood Oil Field to take on a cargo of oil. Unfortunately, while walking to a welcoming ceremony, Nishino tripped and fell into a patch of prickly pear cactus (now below Fairway 11 of the Sandpiper Golf Course). A group of oil workers saw the Japanese officer having cactus spines pulled from his backside and began to laugh. As a result, Nishino chose the oil field as the target for his deck gun. Most of the damage he inflicted was within of the spot he had fallen.
Since her debut in 2008, Nishino has sold over 4,000,000 albums (singles included) and 50 million digital downloads in her native country.
Yuji Nishino (西野 勇士, born March 6, 1991) is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher for the Chiba Lotte Marines of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).
The term Nishinoshima (also spelt nishino-shima and nishi-no-shima), meaning "western island", refers to several places in Japan, both actual islands or municipalities.
Nishino soon ordered his men to aim at the second storage tank. Brown and the others called the police, as the Japanese shells continued to fall around them.
Yasumasu Nishino (22 January 1925 – 19 April 2004) was a Japanese swimmer. He competed in the men's 100 metre backstroke at the 1952 Summer Olympics.
The discography of Japanese pop singer Kana Nishino consists of five studio albums, four compilation albums, thirty-one singles and five video albums.
Much like her first album, "To Love" is centred around a theme of love. As exactly one year had passed from her previous album, Nishino wanted to express the growth in her values and view on love. In an interview with Yahoo! Japan, Nishino stated that for the lyrics on the album she "makes an image from the music, then creates a short film made of images in her head, and from there creates the basis for the scenario for the lyrics.