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The similarity to "Scaevola nitida" is very close - the difference being "S. nitida" is a larger shrub with thinner leaves.
The saga relates the repeated failures of suitors to win the beautiful Queen Nitida of Frakkland as wife. Through sorcery Ingi, son of King Hugon of MiklagarSr, succeeds in abducting Nitida, but on their supposed wedding day she disappears by means of a magic stone. Heiðarlogi and Velogi, sons of King Soldán of Serkland, also journey to Paris to sue for her hand, but they and their armies are destroyed. Livorius, son of King Blebarnius of India, manages to abduct Nitida, but on the supposed wedding day Nitida again disappears by magic, taking Sýjalín, Livorius' sister along. Under the guise of Eskilvarðr, Livorius once more journeys to Paris, and spends the winter with Nitida. In the spring Nitida shows Livorius/Eskilvarðr a magic stone by means of which she is able to monitor events all over the world, and reveals that she has known his identity all along. Livorius marries Nitida and Syjalin marries Ingi, one of Nitida's former suitors.
The larvae feed on "Cola nitida" and "Theobroma cacao".
Millettia nitida is a legume species in the genus "Millettia".
Pterocarpin is a pterocarpan found in "B. nitida".
The larvae feed on "Gymnanthera nitida" and "Gymnanthera oblonga".
The larvae feed on "Cola diversifolia", "Cola nitida", "Cola acuminata" and "Dombeya" species.
Larvae have been reared on "Passiflora nitida", "Passiflora cyanea" and "Passiflora maliformis".
Cola nitida is a species of plant belonging to the family Sterculiaceae.
"Anisophyllea nitida" is endemic to Borneo. Its habitat is dipterocarp forests.
Coleoxestia nitida is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae.
Hestiasula nitida is a species of praying mantis in the genus "Hestiasula" in the order Mantodea.
Paracles nitida is a moth of the Arctiidae family. It is found in Brazil.
Temnora nitida is a moth of the family Sphingidae. It is known from Madagascar.
"S. californica, S. heterodon, S. nitida (syn. Leptauchenia minora, S. marianae), S. ultima" (syn. "Megasespia middleswarti").
Axinaea nitida is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
Mantoida nitida is a species of praying mantis in the Mantoididae family.
The larvae feed on "Curatella americana", "Davilla nitida" and probably other Dilleniaceae species.
Famelica nitida is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Raphitomidae.
'Lonicera nitida' takes clipping very well and makes an excellent small hedge.