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Examples of "nivaldo"
On 16 August 2012, Nivaldo played on trial for FC Ufa reserve team. In July 2013, Nivaldo joined Sibir Novosibirsk, going on to make his debut for them in the Russian Football League against FC Ufa. On 14 August 2014, Nivaldo signed for Luch-Energiya Vladivostok. Little over two-years later, on 25 August 2016, Nivaldo signed a one-year contract with Yenisey Krasnoyarsk. Nivaldo was released by Yenisey on 31 January 2017.
José Nivaldo Martins Constante (born 14 March 1974), better known as Nivaldo, is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
Nivaldo Batista Santana (born 23 June 1980), known simply as Nivaldo, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Israeli club Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem F.C. as a central defender.
Nivaldo Alves Freitas Santos (born 10 July 1988), known simply as Nivaldo, is a Cape Verdean professional footballer who plays for Czech club FK Teplice as a left back.
Nivaldo Lourenço da Silva (born 28 September 1975) is a former Brazilian football player.
The home stadium is Estádio Nivaldo Pereira named after the club founder.
Nivaldo Díaz (born 24 March 1994) is a Cuban beach volleyball player.
Nivaldo Luiz Rossato (born 26 August 1951) is a senior officer of the Brazilian Air Force and its current commander.
Nivaldo Rodrigues Ferreira (born 22 June 1988 in Iati) is a Brazilian football midfielder who plays for Gomel.
Cast: José Mojica Marins, Osvaldo de Souza, Nidi Reis, Nivaldo de Lima, Salvador do Amaral, Kátia Dumont, Dario Santos,
Nivaldo is both a given name for males and a surname, being the German form of the Teutonic names Niwaldu (short for Wodeniwaldu), Niv, Walden, Niwaldu, Nivaldo. The Old German meaning is "emperor". As a given name, Nivaldo currently is less common than it once was. It rose in usage during the 340s and 840s, and was in the top 100 names through the 9th Century. The last time the name made it into the top 1000 list of names was in 980, when it ranked 963 of the German Empire. Nivaldo's highest rank was 61, which was achieved in 345.
Jardel Nivaldo Vieira (born 29 March 1986), known simply as Jardel, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a central defender for Portuguese club Benfica.
On 10 January 2014 Sílvio joined Chapecoense, newly promoted to Série A. He subsequently spent the whole campaign as a third-choice, behind Nivaldo and Danilo.
From ages 19–23, Nivaldo competed solely in the Portuguese third division, representing C.F. Caniçal, C.D. Fátima, G.D. Ribeirão and G.D. Tourizense.
Sport Club São Sebastião play their home games at Estádio José Nivaldo. The stadium has a maximum capacity of 4,000 people.
Nivaldo did not board LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 for the 2016 Copa Sudamericana Finals, which crashed and killed 19 of his teammates. After the tragedy, he announced his retirement from football. With the Brazilian Football Confederation announcing that Chapecoense must fulfill their final fixture of the 2016 Série A, Nivaldo announced his intention to compete in a final game in tribute to his teammates; as the last match against Atlético Mineiro was not disputed, he retired after the tournament's end.
Sténio Nivaldo Matos dos Santos (born 6 May 1988), commonly known as Sténio, is a Cape Verde international footballer who plays as a midfielder for Romanian Liga I club Politehnica Iași.
Born in São Nicolau, Nivaldo started playing football in his country, with Batuque FC. Aged 18 he moved to Portugal to complete his formation, joining Portugal's Académica de Coimbra for his last year as a junior.
Nivaldo moved to the Czech Republic in the 2013 summer, joining FK Teplice. In January 2016, after a brief spell in the Belarusian Premier League, he returned to his previous club.
Nivaldo joined Guarani de Venâncio Aires in 1998, being a regular starter for the side. In December 2000 he moved to Esportivo Bento Gonçalves, being an ever-present figure for the club during his six-year spell.