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Examples of "nndb"
The Notable Names Database (NNDB) is an online database of biographical details of over 40,000 people of note. NNDB describes itself as an "intelligence aggregator" of those it determines to be noteworthy, but mainly to identify connections between people.
NNDB, the Notable Names Database, lists eight notable alumni with business occupation who attended Loyola College in Maryland.
In mid-2002, Rotten launched NNDB, an online database. This is a growing website that contains information about thousands of notable people.
The " Dead Pool", the largest in the world, uses NNDB as its source of qualified celebrities, and as arbiter of their life status.
The following is a partial list of current and former notable faculty of Fordham University in New York City. Another partial list of notable Fordham University faculty is available on NNDB website:Fordham University faculty
The following is a partial list of New York University staff. Another partial list of notable New York University administrators and staff is available on NNDB website: New York University administrators
According to NNDB, he married twice. He married Renata Titus in 1943. They had three children and divorced in 1965. He married again in 1970, but was divorced the following year.
Freebase contained data harvested from sources such as Wikipedia, NNDB, Fashion Model Directory and MusicBrainz, as well as data contributed by its users. The structured data was licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License,
The NNDB Mapper, a visual tool for exploring connections between people, was made available in May 2008. It requires Flash 7. The interface allows the user to map how various individuals and institutions are connected, and save and share these maps.
Each person has an executive summary giving a brief description of NNDB's opinion of his/her notability. All have summaries of their vital statistics, such as full name, pseudonyms, birth and death, location of their remains, religious beliefs, gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, family members, relationships, and nationality. Contentious facts are footnoted. Some entries have a brief prose biography, or contain facts or citations of note. Entries may contain summaries of the organizations they belong to, illnesses, phobias, addictions, drug use, criminal records, and other data. In the case of authors, actors, film directors, and architects, the entry lists the person's artistic works in chronological order. Businesspeople and government officials have chronologies of their official posts and positions, as well as board memberships. NNDB also has articles on films with user-submitted reviews, discographies of selected music groups, and extensive bibliographies on most subjects. Readers may suggest corrections through a form on the website; these are later vetted by an NNDB staff member. A former feature was the "Level of Fame" assigned by NNDB from "Niche" to "Icon".
He was educated at Lyceum Louis-le-Grand and École Polytechnique in 1794. Biot served in the artillery before he was appointed professor of mathematics at Beauvais in 1797. He later went on to become a professor of physics at the Collège de France around 1800, and three years later was elected as a member of the French Academy of Sciences. In 1804 Biot was on board for the first scientific hot-air balloon ride with Gay-Lussac (NNDB 2009, O’Connor and Robertson 1997). They reached a height of 7016 metres (23,000 feet), quite dangerous without supplementary oxygen.
Georgetown graduates have found success in a wide variety of fields, and have served at the heads of diverse institutions both in the public and private sector. Immediately after graduation, about 54–61% of undergraduates enter the workforce, while others go on to additional education. Georgetown graduates have been recipients of 23 Rhodes Scholarships, 21 Marshall Scholarships, 26 Truman Scholarships, and 14 Mitchell Scholarships. Georgetown is also one of the top-ten yearly producers of Peace Corps volunteers , with 35 active and 866 total volunteers since 1961. Georgetown alumni have a median starting salary of $55,000 with a median mid-career salary of $110,000, according to NNDB, the Notable Names Database, lists 493 notable alumni .
In a four-out-of-four star review for the "Chicago Sun-Times", Roger Ebert, who later included the film in his list of "Great Movies", wrote that Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader "paid Christ the compliment of taking him and his message seriously, and they have made a film that does not turn him into a garish, emasculated image from a religious postcard. Here he is flesh and blood, struggling, questioning, asking himself and his father which is the right way, and finally, after great suffering, earning the right to say, on the cross, 'It is accomplished.'" Gene Siskel from the "Chicago Tribune" said "Dafoe manages to draw us into the mystery, anguish and joy of the holy life. This is anything but another one of those boring biblical costume epics. There is genuine challenge and hope in this movie." Writers at NNDB claim that "Paul Schrader's screenplay and Willem Dafoe's performance made perhaps the most honestly Christ-like portrayal of Jesus ever filmed." A review associated with Catholic News Service claims that "Last Temptation" "fails because of artistic inadequacy rather than anti-religious bias."