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Examples of "nodax"
Nodax™ PHA differs from other classes of PHA as it is tough and ductile, cost-competitive with petro-plastic, and only starts to biodegrade once integrated into the waste stream. Nodax™ PHA can be custom formulated or used to create hybridized biopolymers. Nodax™ has a versatile branched structure which resembles linear-low-density polyethylene. Inclusion of Danimer's Nodax™ PHA adds functionality to biopolymer formulations with PLA, offered in Danimer Scientific's research and development facilities.
The patented version of Danimer Scientific's mcl-PHA is known as Nodax™, and it is the primary product developed for commercial manufacturing. Danimer Scientific's Nodax™ PHA is a class of bioplastics produced from bacterial microorganisms that store PHA polyesters for energy in their cell walls. These microbes feed upon plant-based oils procured from non-food sources.
Originally formed in 2004, Meredian Inc. manufactures PHA for Danimer Scientific. Danimer Scientific's Nodax™ PHA is a specialized, medium-chain-length branched polyhydroxyalkanoate, mcl-PHA.
Danimer Scientific owns the patent for Nodax™ medium-chain-length branched polyhydroxyalkanoates, mcl-PHA. The company uses PHA and other biopolymers to create a range of applications such as additives, aqueous coatings, extrusion coating, extrusion lamination, fibers, film resins, hot melt adhesives, injection molding, thermoforming and wax replacement polymers. In addition, Danimer Scientific offers research and development in the formulation of biopolymers. Danimer Scientific also provides toll manufacturing and compounding services, allowing partners to use the Bainbridge facility to manufacture products.
In 1978, Noda joined Procter & Gamble, where he became one of the world's leading authorities in the field of polymer science, specializing in a type of biopolymer, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). Noda pioneered development of medium-chain-length branched polyhydroxyalkanoates (mcl-PHA). The most promising PHA product developed during this time was trademarked as Nodax. After retiring from Procter & Gamble in 2012, he accepted a position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Delaware, where, as of 2014, he continues to teach and research in the areas of polymer science and spectroscopy.