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Examples of "noelene"
Toby was born to teenage parents Joe (Mark Little) and Noelene Mangel (Linda McConchie) in Darwin in 1979. Joe left Noelene to raise Toby alone and as a result Toby had many father figures in and out of his life. When Toby was nine, Noelene became engaged to Ted Vickers (John Jacobs), a man who constantly berated and bullied Toby. Noelene, at Ted's suggestion decided to send Toby to stay with Joe while they got married.
He is married to Noelene Waldron and they have four children; Jemma, Kelly, Bonnie and Jessica.
Noelene Mary Raffills is a New Zealand politician who was an Auckland Councillor.
When Joe becomes engaged to Kerry Bishop (Linda Hartley), Toby struggles to accept it at first but eventually comes round and serves as pageboy at their wedding. Shortly after, Noelene returns having found a job in Darwin, and wants Toby to live with her. Toby makes the difficult decision to join her, leaving Joe and Kerry upset. When Noelene is run over and killed by a car, Toby returns to Erinsborough, withdrawn and moody and begins bedwetting and sleepwalking. He lashes out at Tiffany "Lochy" McLachlan (Amber Kilpatrick) and smashes the gift he made Noelene for mother's day while visiting her grave.
At the 2010 Auckland elections, Clow stood in the Whau ward. He finished second, losing to Auckland City Councillor Noelene Raffills by fewer than 500 votes.
At the 2013 Auckland elections, Clow was elected as a councillor for the Whau ward, defeating Noelene Raffills. He is currently the finance committee chairman on Auckland Council.
Toby is first seen when Noelene brings him to meet a reluctant Joe who shows almost no interest in him and brands him "soft". Jane Harris (Annie Jones), Toby's cousin soon takes him under her wing and helps him make friends with Katie Landers (Sally Jensen) from across the street. Toby also takes a liking to the family Labradour, Bouncer. When Noelene and Ted arrive to collect Toby after Christmas, He is reluctant to leave and Joe has warmed to the idea of being a dad again. When Ted lashes out at Toby over dinner, Joe is quick to step in and defend him. After it emerges that Ted is beating both Noelene and Toby, Joe quickly rescues them and Noelene promptly ends her marriage to Ted and agrees Toby can live with Joe while she gets her life back on track.
Laurie and Irene had one child, Noelene, in January 1940. Wallish states that it was thought that Laurie sought to have additional children but Irene was opposed.
Yet, whilst Nash tended to sound arrogant in public, he was very modest about his success in private; in fact, his daughter Noelene was not aware of her father's sporting success until aged 12 when a friend's father told her.
In 2000 she released a 'family album' of classic country covers with husband Rick Plant mother Noelene and brother Rusty Berther of Scared Weird Little Guys under the name 'The Rich Family'.
In rare cases, the poisoning may result in death. The coroner's report on Noelene and Yvana Bischoff, mother and daughter tourists from Australia who died suddenly in Bali in January 2014, concluded their deaths were caused by scombroid food poisoning.
Abney-Hastings had two sons and three daughters with his wife, Noelene Margaret (née McCormick; married 1969). His eldest son, Simon, held the courtesy title Lord Mauchline until his father's death on 30 June 2012. Until his death, the 14th Earl was one of the seven co-heirs to the Barony of Grey de Ruthyn.
Two Chimneys Wines is the first and only winery in Norfolk Island. Established by Rod and Noelene McAlpine in 2006, it has a homestead, a tasting room with wood fire and wide, covered verandahs, and a vineyard with eight varieties of grape. Its first vines were planted in 2003.
McLellan married Noelene Clark in 1948 and had two sons and a daughter. From 1950 to 1970 he was a civil engineering contractor and Director of R A McLennan Ltd, McLennan's Transport Ltd, Flaxmere Quarries, Concrete Metal Ltd, Amalgamated Contractors Ltd, and Bulk Bitumen Ltd.
Bloomfield was born on 12 December 1932. In 1959, he married Noelene Watt and they have two sons and one daughter. He grew up in the Wollongong, New South Wales area and attended Wollongong High School, Sydney Teacher's College and the University of Oregon.
The CEC leader is National Secretary and National Treasurer Craig Isherwood of Melbourne, who has been a CEC election candidate numerous times. Other members of the Isherwood family are also prominent in the CEC; Noelene Isherwood is the party's former National chairman.
White was born to parents Alfred and Noelene White and sister Janelle. He grew up in the inner western suburbs of Sydney and attended Homebush Boys High School. He then went on to study Economics at University of Sydney with Honours. It was during his time at University of Sydney that he met Joan Allen whom he later married.
Racing under the syndicate's Sunmark Stable banner, Ipi Tombe joined the stable of trainer Noelene Peech and won four races from five starts in her native Zimbabwe. Showing the potential she did, owners Henk Leyenaar, Stephen Tomlinson and Dave Coleman secured half a share for R250 000, the other half remaining with the Sunmark Syndicate, of which Rob Davenport was the nominee,
Following a succession of strokes, Nash died in the Repatriation Hospital in Heidelberg, Victoria on 24 July 1986, aged 76. Survived by his daughter Noelene and grandsons Anthony and Simon, a service for Nash was held at a Catholic church in Melbourne and his cremated remains were scattered at Fawkner Memorial Park, near that of his wife Irene.
Rich was born in Lismore, New South Wales and raised on Bribie Island, situated off the coast of Queensland. Her mother was country music performer Noelene Rich who in the early 1960s appeared on radio and television and toured with Australian country music legend Reg Lindsay.