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nogales              nogales_sonora              matamoros_tamaulipas              ojinaga_chihuahua              wickenburg_arizona              reynosa_tamaulipas              piedras_negras_coahuila              tubac              tularosa              yuma_arizona              agua_prieta_sonora              mesilla              el_paso_del_norte              mazatlán_sinaloa              lordsburg              fort_tejon              ciudad_juárez_chihuahua              nuevo_laredo_tamaulipas              ciudad_juárez              arivaca              ojinaga              tubac_arizona              saltillo_coahuila              ciudad_mier              tampico_tamaulipas              matamoros              mcallen_texas              san_ysidro              agua_prieta              morelia_michoacán              mexicali_baja_california              sonora              rawlins_wyoming              culiacán_sinaloa              el_paso              bernalillo              guaymas_sonora              ruidoso              cuernavaca              tuxpan              san_ygnacio              nuevo_casas_grandes              los_lunas              abiquiu              naco              las_cruces              fabens              ciudad_juarez              arizpe              ciudad_obregón             

Examples of "nogales_arizona"
Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora lie at the northeast of the range.
"Nogalesen" (YTB–777) was a United States Navy named for Nogales, Arizona.
He was born in Nogales, Arizona and died in Santa Cruz, California.
Donald Dean Rainey - U.S. prisoner arrested June 20, 1965 in Nogales, Arizona
Maul spent the last twenty years of his life in Nogales, Arizona dying there in 1998.
Nogales High School is a high school in Nogales, Arizona under the jurisdiction of the Nogales Unified School District.
Pierson Vocational High School is a high school in Nogales, Arizona under the jurisdiction of the Nogales Unified School District.
Alberto Álvaro Ríos (born September 18, 1952 in Nogales, Arizona) is the author of ten books and chapbooks of poetry, three collections of short stories, and a memoir.
Lourdes Catholic School is a private, Roman Catholic school in Nogales, Arizona, United States. It is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.
In November 1957, Payton married George A. "Tony" Provas, a 23-year-old furniture store executive in Nogales, Arizona. They divorced in August 1958.
Bowman Hotel in Nogales, Arizona was built in 1917. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.
The county seat of the Municipality is the City of Nogales. The city is abutted on its north by the city of Nogales, Arizona, United States.
KOFH (99.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish Contemporary format. It is licensed to Nogales, Arizona. The station is currently owned by Felix Corporation.
On October 23, 2006 Tapia beat title contender Ramón Montaño at the Palo Duro Golf Club in Nogales, Arizona. This bout was televised on TeleFutura.
Inga Arvad died of cancer on a ranch near Nogales, Arizona in 1973. She was survived by her husband (McCoy) and their two sons.
Gonzales' first commission as an architect was to design the library in Nogales, Arizona. The project earned him an award from the American Institute of Architects.
During the years he spent in the United States, Simenon regularly visited New York City. He and his family also went on lengthy car trips, traveling from Maine to Florida and then west as far as California. Simenon lived for a short time on Anna Maria Island near Bradenton, Florida before renting a house in Nogales, Arizona where Boule was finally reunited with him. His novel "The Bottom of the Bottle" was heavily influenced by his stay in Nogales, Arizona.
A reconstructed Fort Lowell was featured in the 1972 film "Ulzana's Raid", starring Burt Lancaster. However, the reconstructed fort was actually built in an area just southwest of the Santa Rita Mountains, near Nogales, Arizona.
KNOG (91.7 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish language Christian format. It is licensed to Nogales, Arizona. The station is currently owned by World Radio Network, Inc.
The Minim Daughters of Mary Immaculate is a separate institute founded in 1867 in Guanajuanto, Mexico by Venerable Pablo de Anda Padilla. The Sisters work in schools and medical centers in Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Rome, and Nogales, Arizona.