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Examples of "noranti"
An alternate reality version of Noranti appeared in the Season 4 episode, "Unrealized Reality", and was portrayed by Gigi Edgley.
She is most widely known internationally for her part as Sikozu in the sci-fi television series "Farscape". She originally auditioned for the part of Utu-Noranti Pralatong, but the part ultimately went to Melissa Jaffer. The role of Sikozu was created especially for her by executive producer David Kemper at the time, because she'd impressed them so much.
David Kemper has stated that "Bad Timing" was meant to follow up on John Crichton's realization in "Dog with Two Bones" that he must choose between staying with Aeryn and returning to Earth by forcing him to make a definitive choice. John's scene with Noranti in his quarters and his scene with Aeryn in the docking bay were also meant to recall "Dog with Two Bones". The scene with John speaking into the tape recorder was a reference to "Family Ties".
Alone for months, Crichton has had nothing to do but obsess over Aeryn and wormholes. He finally makes a breakthrough on the latter when he meets a supposed Leviathan specialist, Sikozu, on the run from her employers. When Chiana and Rygel also return, they , where Jool, D’Argo, and the old woman – Noranti – have joined an Interon archaeological dig. They find artifacts that suggest a connection between humans, Sebaceans and Interons. Commandant Grayza interrupts, having taken Scorpius prisoner, and "kills" him to show good faith to Crichton. Crichton, however wants nothing to do with her, and .
Jaffer has made many appearances in television series, including "Kings", "Mother and Son", "G. P.", "Brides of Christ", "Grass Roots" and "All Saints". Jaffer is probably best known to international audiences for her role as aging mystic Utu-Noranti Pralatong in the science fiction series "Farscape". In 1976, Jaffer tied for the first AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role opposite Jacki Weaver for her performance in "Caddie". In 1980 she played the part of "Cousin Edie" in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's children's television series "The Nargun and the Stars".
In the middle of battle, Aeryn goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy. Meanwhile, Jothee and Noranti have been rescuing Eidelon survivors from the burnt-out city. Stark manages to transfer the Hierarch's knowledge to the Eidelon high priestess, Muoma. It is hoped that with that knowledge, the surviving Eidelons can bring peace, but as they make their way back to Moya, they are ambushed by Ahkna's forces. Aeryn manages to shoot Ahkna before she can kill Crichton, but D'Argo is mortally wounded by a Scarran spear. He stays behind to cover their retreat as the living ship retrieves the others in her docking web.
Utu Noranti Pralatong (called simply Noranti), played by Melissa Jaffer, joined the crew in the Season 3 finale, "Dog with Two Bones", when she suddenly appears among them as a mysterious and eccentric refugee that escaped to Moya along with an unidentified group of others as a Peacekeeper Command Carrier was being destroyed. The "Old Woman", as she is called, is a Traskan, and little is known of her past before she joined the crew. Initially appearing to Crichton and Chiana as a grateful cook, she later describes herself as a "doctor, instructor, and among many other disciplines . . . negotiator". She is basically portrayed as an accomplished herbalist. Although her skills are sometimes not quite as successful as she would like, she does manage to come to the crew's rescue with odd potions and powders on many occasions. At times, she seems to have her own agenda, although what that agenda may be is never quite made clear. Being 293 years old, she sometimes appears to the others as being slightly senile, and is often referred to as "Grandma". She was featured throughout Season 4 of Farscape, as well as being in "", where she realizes the existence of more Eidelons and convinces Crichton to seek to reawaken their powers to help end the war.
The water world itself turns out to be the last outpost of the Eidelon, a race who once used their empathic abilities to encourage peace. Since their homeworld of Arnessk was made uninhabitable 12,000 years (or "cycles") before, the surviving Eidelon have forgotten how to use their abilities. Ka D'Argo reveals that the crew of Moya, their living Leviathan spaceship, discovered and revived the Eidelon on Arnessk. Two Eidelons, one a soldier, are selected to contact the revived Eidelon, and they board Moya as Scorpius arrives in orbit. Noranti remains on the water world to educate the Eidelon descendants on their lost culture. Due to the ongoing war between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, Scorpius and Sikozu accompany the crew with the passcodes they will need to get out of Peacekeeper territory.
After the crew robs the Shadow Depository and Zhaan confronts a lethal illness, he becomes genuinely disturbed and wrought with grief over her death. He joins up with the crew of Talyn but frequently is at odds with his desire to "save" others, which eventually alienates Aeryn and Crais. Feeling that Zhaan is calling out to him, he eventually parts ways with the crew to search for her spirit. He is later found a prisoner on Katratzi which had been part of the reason Scorpius held him prisoner: he was searching for it and Stark knew where it was from "crossing over" Scarrens. He is rescued by Chiana and Noranti and rejoins Moya's crew. During "The Peacekeeper Wars", he is forced to "cross over" the Eidolon leader and thus gains his knowledge of the Eidolon powers, something that makes Stark almost crazy. He later transfers the knowledge and regains his usual personality. At the end of the series, Stark finds a measure of peace and leaves his mask with Crichton, revealing that the energy beneath it is now gone.