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Examples of "nordsieck"
Neither a detailed description nor a figure is available, but a lectotype has been selected by Nordsieck (1972: 16). Nordsieck (1972: 16; 1974: 148) considered this taxon a synonym of the nominate subspecies, whereas Zilch (1981: 125) and Nordsieck (2007: 48) listed it as a subspecies, without adding more data.
Initially (Nordsieck, 1972) this form was not separated from "Inchoatia haussknechti semilaevis".
This taxonomy was based on the study by Nordsieck, published in 1986.
The subspecies "Gourmya" ("Gladiocerithium") "argutum" "barashi" Nordsieck, 1974 is a synonym of "Cerithium scabridum" Philippi, 1848
This taxonomy was based on the study by Nordsieck, published in 1986.
An analogous result for quantum electrodynamics alone is known as Bloch–Nordsieck cancellation.
Nordsieck (2007) considers the genus "Truncatophaedusa" to be a subgenus of the genus "Serrulina".
are four families within the superfamily Achatinoidea, that is based on the study by Nordsieck,
subfamily Baleinae A. J. Wagner, 1913 - synonyms: Laciniariini H. Nordsieck, 1963; Tristaniinae Schileyko, 1999
This taxonomy was based on the study by Nordsieck, published in 1986, and the publication by Schileyko in 2000.
With B. L Hicks, Nordsieck use Monte Carlo methods to solve nonlinear Boltzmann equation for various non-equilibrium problems in gas dynamics in the 1960s. He also published work on numerical mathematics. Later Nordsieck worked for the General Research Corporation in Santa Barbara, California, where he was Head of physics. He died in Santa Barbara on 18 January 1971.
Some "Inchoatia" taxa were insufficiently known, even conchologically (in terms of a shell description) and were classified without clear reference to the underlying facts. In the past (Nordsieck 1972, Nordsieck 1974, Zilch 1981) species of the Alopiinae were classified in the genus"Carinigera" or "Sericata", mainly on the anaotmical basis of having either a penial papilla or a caecum. This dogmatic approach led to a grouping together of clausiliid species with very different shells, which was eventually unmasked as unnatural by DNA analyses. This position is however not embraced by Nordsieck (2007), who lumped together several genus-group taxa, which "can be characterized neither by shell nor by genital characters", in his view.
This classification was based on different studies dealing with the Clausiliidae, published by H. Nordsieck in 1978, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1994, 1997 and 1998.
Astro-2 mission, planned for 1 January 1987. The only crewmember assigned to the mission before it was canceled was Payload Specialist Kenneth Hugh Nordsieck.
ASTRO-3 mission, planned for 1 August 1987. The only crew member assigned to the mission before it was canceled was Payload Specialist Kenneth Hugh Nordsieck.
David Buckley, Gerald Cecil, Brian Chaboyer, Richard Griffiths, Janusz Kałużny, Michael Albrow, Karen Pollard, Kenneth Nordsieck, Darragh O'Donoghue, Larry Ramsey, Anne Sansom, Pat Cote
According to H. Nordsieck the family "Xanthonychidae" (sensu Hausdorf & Bouchet) is probably polyphyletic (contains several different lineages) and therefore should be divided into several families.
The sole species belonging to this genus is Pontophaedusella offenses Nordsieck 1994. This species is known only from the type locality ("Prov. Trabzon, FF 03, 2 km SW Of"). The anatomy of "Pontophaedusella ofensis" was described by Szekeres (1998).
Range: Only known from the type locality. ‘Katafiyi (800 m)’ and ‘Katafiyi (2000 m)’, mentioned by Nordsieck (1972), refer to Katafigio (= Katafiyion) at the western foot of the Tschumerka Mts.
Range: The type locality of this subspecies is indicated in a somewhat misleading way because the Mt Veluchi (= Velouhi) or Mt Timfristos is situated a few km N of Karpenisi, where "Inchoatia haussknechti alticola" occurs, whereas “Kaljakuda” refers to Mt Kaliakouda, 16 km SSW of Karpenisi. The localities ‘Karpenission’ and ‘Timfristos-Geb. 13 km n. Karpenission’, cited for this subspecies by Nordsieck (1972), should be transferred to "Inchoatia haussknechti alticola", though only the latter record is repeated (in a slightly different wording) by Nordsieck (1974).