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Examples of "norment"
Norment sometimes performed as a vocalist with Connecticut's Peppermill Jazz Band. He was married to Betty Teare Norment, who died in 1978. The couple had no children. Norment died in Westport, Connecticut in 1988.
Camille Norment (born 1970 in Silver Spring, Maryland) is a Oslo-based multimedia artist who works with sound, installation, sculpture, drawing, performance and video. Norment also works as a musician and composer. She performs with Vegar Vårdal and Håvard Skaset in Camille Norment Trio.
Stephen Rowe (Jonathan Waxman), Randy Oglesby (Nick), Elizabeth Norment (Patricia) and Sabina Weber (Grete).
John Murray Norment (1911–1988) was an American illustrator, gag cartoonist, magazine editor, artist, and photographer.
Nancy Kaufberger, (played by the late Elizabeth Norment) longtime loyal secretary to Frank Underwood and Doug Stamper. (Seasons 1–2)
Max Szlager won the Junior Division over Paul McCabe. The other semi-finalists were Brian Wilson and Jason Norment.
Norment studied interactive technologies at New York University and literary science and history of art at the University of Michigan.
From 1966 to 1968, Norment worked with Norcross Greeting Cards and the Famous Artists School. In 1968, he began selling watercolors and serigraphs at local studios and galleries in Connecticut. "The New Yorker" published covers by Norment on the March 6, 1978 issue and the January 28, 1980 issue.
Additionally, Norment has completed several commissioned works to public spaces, amongst others the sound installation "Within the Toll" (2011) for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter.
In 2017 Camille Norment will present a solo exhibition at Oslo Kunstforening. This will constitute her first solo presentation in Norway.
Gilliam was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 24, 1936. She was the eighth child of Adee Conklin Butler and Jessie Mae Norment Butler.
King William is represented by Republican Thomas K. "Tommy" Norment, Jr. in the Virginia Senate, Republicans Christopher K. "Chris" Peace and M. Keith Hodges in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Republican Robert J. "Rob" Wittman.
James City County is represented by Democrat John Miller and Republican Tommy Norment in the Virginia Senate, Democrat Monty Mason and Republican Brenda Pogge in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Republican Rob Wittman in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Gloucester is represented by Republican Thomas K. "Tommy" Norment in the Virginia Senate, Republican M. Keith Hodges in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Republican Robert J. "Rob" Wittman in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Ellis' protégés include Michael Norment, the first black swimmer on the U.S. national team. His program at the Marcus Foster pool has sent swimmers to the swimming trials for every U.S. Olympic team since 1992.
Salter RD, Norment AM, Chen BP, Clayberger C, Krensky AM, Littman DR, and Parham P: Polymorphism in the alpha3 domain of HLA-A molecules affects binding to CD8. Nature. 1989; 338: 345-347.
King and Queen is represented by Republican Thomas K. "Tommy" Norment in the Virginia Senate, Republican M. Keith Hodges in the Virginia House of Delegates, and Republican Robert J. "Rob" Wittman in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Norment is an Adjunct Professor of Law at William and Mary Law School. He served as on-campus attorney, and counselor and attorney to the President of William and Mary.
Former Attorney General, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, released the Norment opinion to the public and issued a press release on September 2, 2011. The press release states the following: "Recent public statements made by state Senator Thomas Norment suggest that for the past several years, he assumed a role of legal counsel for the College of William & Mary. One of his reported statements also incorrectly implied that a 2008 opinion he requested from the Office of the Attorney General affirmed that such an arrangement would be acceptable under the law."
In 2008, Norment requested an opinion from Attorney General Bob McDonnell stating "at no time will I assume a relationship of 'attorney-client' that would result in the exercising of any attorney client privilege or any work product privilege. It is my understanding the College would continue to rely upon legal services through the Office of Attorney General." Attorney General McDonnell concludes his opinion to Norment that "it is my opinion that you do not have an impermissible conflict of interest under the Act based on the facts herein." McDonnell writes "I affirm the intention that your relationship with the College will not be that of attorney and client."