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Examples of "norrison"
On 29 June 1852 he married Mary Catherine Norrison. His eldest son John Henry Norrison Camidge also became an organist.
John Henry Norrison Camidge (8 December 1853 - 22 September 1939) was a composer and organist based in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire.
JC2 had one daughter and three sons, Charles, John, and Thomas Simpson (1828–1912). John and Thomas Simpson followed their father's profession. The latter, having acted as his father's deputy following his paralysis, went on to become organist of Hexham Abbey. His elder brother John briefly took over the post at York until Edwin George Monk was appointed in 1859. John Henry Norrison Camidge (1853–1939), a son of Thomas Simpson Camidge, was organist of Beverley Minster from 1876 until his death—the fifth generation in which the family produced an organist.
In the Tsutsuki Awards, Tanino was once again popularized by 2.6 times the number one, behind fourth place again. However, in the race, the front two could not be exchanged but lost to 3 landings. Winning was the 15th most popular Norrison who got out of favor. In this case, it was often said that it was a clear mountaineering mistake on the rough ride of the fourth place, and the commentator also said that "Tanino Gimlet was running 100 meters extra for only one head." The winning time was 1 minute 58 seconds 5 for Tsukiyuki Prize record, Norrison's win worth a million horse tickets.