Synonyms for nosebleeds or Related words with nosebleeds

epistaxis              earaches              laryngospasm              nosebleed              sialorrhea              dyspnoea              hyposalivation              rhinorrhea              hypersalivation              discomforts              stomachache              leucorrhoea              catarrh              stuffiness              itches              haemoptysis              backache              toothaches              diaphoresis              glossodynia              itchiness              petechiae              giddiness              backaches              hoarseness              strangury              excruciating              ptyalism              ankyloglossia              otalgia              xerostomia              colds              dysphasia              hemoptysis              soreness              obstipation              ecchymosis              exophthalmos              bedsores              lightheadedness              dysuria              tachypnoea              xerophthalmia              arthralgia              leukorrhea              aphtha              aphthas              laryngismus              neurodermatitis              haemorrhoids             

Examples of "nosebleeds"
The causes of nosebleeds can generally be divided into two categories, local and general factors, although a significant number of nosebleeds occur with no obvious cause.
The sphenopalatine artery is the artery responsible for the most serious, posterior nosebleeds (also known as epistaxis). It can be ligated surgically to control such nosebleeds.
Side effects include drowsiness, weight gain, dry mouth, irritability, and increased nosebleeds.
His first recorded work was Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds' "Ain't Bin To No Music School".
Tom Petty's song "Money Becomes King" refers to a performer's original fans having to sit "way up in the nosebleeds".
Specifically, the root is used to stop bloody dysentery, nosebleeds, and is applied topically to treat burns and insect bites.
Most people with HHT have a normal lifespan. The skin lesions and nosebleeds tend to develop during childhood. AVMs are probably present from birth, but don't necessarily cause any symptoms. Frequent nosebleeds are the most common symptom and can significantly affect quality of life.
Although the sight of large amounts of blood can be alarming and may warrant medical attention, nosebleeds are rarely fatal, accounting for only 4 of the 2.4 million deaths in the U.S. in 1999. About 60% of people have a nosebleed at some point in their life. About 10% of nosebleeds are serious.
On the episode "Dead Woman Walking", Eric has a nosebleed, which he thought may have been from exposure to iodine. Eric has been given a clean bill of health, and Calleigh tells him that he gets nosebleeds during high-pressure situations. His nosebleeds had not been addressed since.
In 1991, under the name "Sound of the Baskerville", Eddie Garrity released a compilation of Nosebleeds, Slaughter & the Dogs and Ed Banger tracks together with new material.
In 2005, the vintage 1977 documentary "The Rise And Fall Of The Nosebleeds – Punk Rediscovered", directed and edited by Bob Jones and John Crumpton, premiered in Salford.
The oral history of the Native American Sioux tribe includes reference to women who experience nosebleeds as a result of a lover's playing of music, implying sexual arousal.
By the time, he also collaborated with Jilted John, Ed Garrity (former Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds frontman), and later with Morrissey and Distant Cousins.
The presentation of hemophilia B is consistent with easy bruising, urinary tract bleed and nosebleeds. Additionally, the affected individual may experience bleeding into their joints.
Having met the guitarist Billy Duffy in November 1977, Morrissey soon agreed to become the vocalist for Duffy's punk band The Nosebleeds.
The second series sees a deadly epidemic of nosebleeds grip the town's inhabitants, killing many. The plot is resolved after some confusion over the cause of the nosebleeds, involving butcher Hilary Briss' "special stuff", Benjamin Denton's escape from his relatives, and the murders in the Local Shop. The first episode of this series contains the debut of Papa Lazarou who (despite only appearing in three episodes) quickly became one of the show's most popular characters.
The Nosebleeds were a short-lived punk band formed in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England in 1976. Though the band never recorded an album and released just one single, it is well known in modern rock history for the later successes of its individual members, notably Morrissey (The Smiths) and Billy Duffy (The Cult). During their early days, they were known as Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds, until the departure of singer Ed Banger (Ed Garrity).
This group of plaintiffs claimed that Rollins was land farming sludge that was being produced by Exxon Corporation. This pollution was causing a host of health issues within the community such as “headaches, chronic fatigue, cancer, and spontaneous nosebleeds”.
At the end of 1979, Ed Garrity (of the Nosebleeds) replaced Barrett as frontman, and the band changed their name to Slaughter (not to be confused with other bands with the same name).
The various types of vWD present with varying degrees of bleeding tendency, usually in the form of easy bruising, nosebleeds, and bleeding gums. Women may experience heavy menstrual periods and blood loss during childbirth.