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Examples of "nowack"
"Regina Nowack (2 January 1995 to 24 January 1996)"
Zimmerman married strongman Kevin Nowack on June 19, 2010, at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
Donald R. Nowack (February 23, 1924 – January 7, 2008) was a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives.
The first public initiative on the field of geology was the foundation of the Geological Office in 1922. The head Geologist of this office was Dr. Ernst Nowack. Dr. Nowack published the first Geological Map of Albania at 1: 200 000 scale.
Photos and art by Daniel Zender, Zoe Burnett, Gabriella Lacza, Abby Williamson, Tracy Graham, Jason Williamson, Tim Nowack, and Chris Beckman. Art direction by Chris Beckman.
In December 1961 the Frankenthal District Court handed down a 2,000 Mark fine and a (?suspended) six-month jail sentence to after finding him guilty of misfeasance in a public office (""Untreue im Amt""). In October 1958 Dr. Nowack had resigned his office as regional Finance Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. He was prosecuted for what might today be defined as a form of insider trading. He had reportedly acquired 20 shares in a company called "Schnellpressenfabrik Frankenthal AG", which was 75% state owned, and of which Nowack, as regional finance minister, was the ex-officio chairman. He had acquired his shares at a price equivalent to 120% of their par value. However, at around the same time the company had itself acquired shares from a private share holder at a price equivalent to 200% of their par value. The conclusion drawn by he prosecutor was that Nowack had acquired his shares for a price equivalent to only 60% of their "true" value, and that a corresponding loss had been suffered by the company. The total value at which Nowack had acquired his shares was a not insubstantial 216,000 Marks, implying a corresponding loss to the company of 144,000 Marks. It should be stressed that Nowack always maintained that he had done nothing wrong in acquiring shares at a discount to which, as an "employee" of the company, he was entitled. The state prosecutor in the case was the Frankenthal Chief District Prosecutor, Leonhard Drach.
The prosecutor then launched a second criminal case against Nowack, this time for alleged perjury. Nowack now armed himself with more written material from Luxembourg, including information provided by Victor Bodson who had been so critical of Drach at the time of his release from jail in Luxembourg back around Christmas 1954. Armed with supporting documentation, Nowack now wrote an open, and very angry, letter to the (newspaper). "That this notorious accomplice of Nazi terrorist-jusice launches this prosecution against me is a matter of inestimable shamefulness" (""Man hat sich nicht entblödet ausgerechnet diesen notorischen Helfershelfer nationalsozialistischer Terrorjustiz zum Ankläger gegen mich zu machen.""). That the justice system had "reinserted this Leon Drach into the [privileged] circle of judges and prosecutors as though nothing had happened was nothing short of the worst kind of dismissable cavalier conduct (""...diesen Leon Drach ... wieder in den Kreis ihrer Richter und Staatsanwälte eingereiht, so als ob nichts oder schlimmstenfalls ein pensionsfähiges 'Kavaliervergehen' vorläge""). Nowack concluded that he refused to be prosecuted by a war criminal (""Ich lehne es ab, mich von einem Kriegsverbrecher anklagen zu lassen""). It is entirely possible that Nowack had already accessed details on Drach's career in Luxembourg long before writing his open letter to the press, since Nowack's defence lawyer, Edmund Dondelinger, had also been convicted in a Luxembourg court in respect of events during the wartime occupation, and had indeed shared his pretrial detention with Drach in the later 1940s.
James Parsley was married to Judith Hawkins Parsley for 30 years before his passing. He had 2 stepchildren, Steven Allen and Kelly Jenkins along with 2 granddaughters, Kierstyn and Kragan Olliff. One great grandson Tallen Nowack.
The CIA denied Barris ever worked for them in any capacity. After the release of the movie, CIA spokesman Paul Nowack said Barris' assertions that he worked for the spy agency "[are] ridiculous. It's absolutely not true."
Robert (Bob) E. Nowack, Chairman and CEO of Vancouver-based Conor Pacific Canada Inc., described how they reclaimed this shopping centre site by hauling away top layers of contaminated soil which was trucked to a government site where "it will be chemically treated for years." It was noted that the section of the contaminated site that Conor Pacific remediated and developed was "only superficially polluted before the reclamation. Contamination only went 30 to 50 centimetres into the earth." Nowack noted that the creosote-contaminated land surrounding the specified brownfield development site, Nowack noted that "anything that migrate[d] off-site is still Domtar's concern" and that these brownfields were much more seriously contaminated with some areas going down as deep as 30 or 40 feet.
Nowack and Feltman have recently published an article entitled "Eliciting the Photic Driving Response" which states that the EEG photic driving response is a sensitive neurophysiological measure which has been employed to assess chemical and drug effects, forms of epilepsy, neurological status of Alzheimer's patients, and physiological arousal. Photic driving also impacts upon the psychological climate of a person by producing increased visual imagery and decreased physiological and subjective arousal. In this research by Nowack and Feltman, all participants reported increased visual imagery during photic driving, as measured by their responses to an imagery questionnaire.
New Year's Eve Punch (German:Silvesterpunsch) is a 1960 East German musical film directed by Günter Reisch and starring Erich Franz, Friedel Nowack and Erika Dunkelmann. It was made by the state-owned DEFA company. It is a sequel to the 1959 film "The Punch Bowl".
The 1928 Illinois Fighting Illini football team, under head coach Robert Zuppke, compiled a 7–1 record, won the Big Ten championship, led the conference in scoring defense (2.0 points allowed per game), and was ranked No. 7 in the Dickinson System rankings. Tackles Albert J. Nowack and Russell Crane and guard Leroy Wietz were selected as first-team All-Americans.
The 1928 Illinois Fighting Illini football team was an American football team that represented the University of Illinois during the 1928 college football season. In their 16th season under head coach Robert Zuppke, the Illini compiled a 7–1 record and finished in first place in the Big Ten Conference. Tackle Albert J. Nowack was the team captain.
Beecher is governed by a town board composed of three representatives, a chairman and two supervisors all elected at large. Town meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the local town hall. The current town chairman is Robert Gehri, The Supervisor 1 position is held by Daniel Groy and the Supervisor 2 position is held by John Keeley. The town clerk is Betty Nowack and the treasurer is Carolyn Keeley.
She published several historical novels under her real name before introducing a new series in 1989. This mystery series follows Jane Jeffry, a widow with three children living in suburban Chicago. With her neighbor and best friend Shelley Nowack, she gets caught up in murder cases. These often involve Mel Van Dyne, a police detective introduced in the first novel. The novel titles are puns on literary works and reflect Jeffry's cozy domestic life which she leads between crime-solving capers.
In a subsequent profile in Billboard, producer Narada Michael Walden told Taylor, "Steven [Nowack] is very zealous, so I listened to what he had to say, not taking his pitch overly seriously until I met Naomi and heard her live. I was impressed with her beauty, but more so by her voice. You believe her. She has the chops, the range, the drive—and the humility—to offer a beautiful gift."
Responding to Nowack, the regional justice minister for Rhineland-Palatinate, , shared his opinion, accepting that Drach had been convicted of war crimes, but adding that Drach had only been implementing the law as it existed at the time. Because of this, there could really be no question of reproaching Drach with war crimes, which was why back in 1954 the tribunal reassessing his case in Luxembourg had concluded that Drach had acted in good faith (""im guten Glauben an die Rechtmäßigkeit seines Verhaltens""). Importantly, that meant that there had been no obvious reason why Drach should not be permitted resume his career as a regional law officer in Rhineland-Palatinate.
In 1905 the company began the mass production of the three-wheeled Phänomobil. The two-cylinder engine used in motorbikes was used here as well. Similarities in construction with Berlin-made three-wheeler Cyklonette of Cyklon, led to arguments over patent infringement, especially as the engineers had worked for Hiller's company. A twin-fan-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke engine was used in the vehicles from 1910, production running until 1927. Between 1912 and 1927 the company, by now known as "Aktiengesellschaft Phänomen-Werke Gustav Hiller", offered four-wheeled cars that could not establish themselves in the market. The coachwork was done by the "Karosseriewerk August Nowack AG" in Bautzen.
The Philistine incursions spanned a period of 40 years; and Samson, who fought the Philistine incursions, judged Israel for 20 years. Some scholars, like Kessler, and Nowack have argued that there is likely to have been some overlap between the time of Samson and that of Eli. However, the Book of Judges always mentions the years of oppression in contrast to the period of a judge's dispensation; since the early parts of Eli's rule do not appear to occur during a time of oppression, this appears to rule out any overlap with the Philistine oppression that Samson, a previous judge, had lived under.