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malinau              ketapang              sanggau              bengkayang              katingan              lubuk              sijunjung              bulungan              kotawaringin              mamuju              wetan              donggala              melawi              kotabaru              berau              pandeglang              pematang              pelalawan              bengkalis              enrekang              karang              landak              konawe              indragiri              labuhan              wondama              teweh              pamekasan              brebes              indramayu              blora              pasaman              wonosari              wonosobo              purbalingga              solok              purwakarta              situbondo              sumedang              kolaka              mongondow              bedagai              tebing              probolinggo              takalar              selatan              lumajang              prabumulih              trenggalek              lebak             

Examples of "nunukan"
Nunukan is an island within the Nunukan Regency in North Kalimantan Province of Indonesia.
Nunukan Airport () is an airport serving Nunukan, located in the province of North Kalimantan in Indonesia.
Nunukan is also the name of an island within this regency. It has an area of 226 km. Nunukan town, the capital of the regency, is located on Nunukan Island. It is a major port for ferry crossings to Tawau in Sabah state, Malaysia.
Krayan is a district in Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Nunukan is a regency of North Kalimantan Province in Indonesia. Nunukan Regency borders on the Malaysian state of Sabah to the north, Sarawak to the west and Bulungan Regency and Malinau Regency to the south.
In 2009 MedcoEnergi began its coal-mining business by acquiring two mining companies, PT Duta Tambang Sumber Alam (DTSA) and PT Duta Tambang Rekayasa (DTR). Both own mining business licenses (IUP) in Nunukan, North Kalimantan. The coal mining in Nunukan is capable of producing coal with a high calorific-value of 6,800 kilocalorie per kilogram air dry basis (kCal/kg adb).
Due to the remote location, the district is usually accessible via air, that is from Nunukan Airport to Juvai Semaring Airport in Long Bawan.
Dirgantara Air Service operated scheduled services to the following domestic destinations in January 2005: Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Berau, Datadawai, Ketapang, Long Apung, Long Bawan, Nunukan, Pangkalan Bun, Pontianak, Putussibau, Samarinda (Temindung Airport), Sampit, Sintang, Tanjung, Tanjung Selor and Tarakan.
Tarakan is served with several ferries, linking it to other cities on eastern Borneo: Nunukan in North Kalimantan, Berau and Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, and Tawau in Sabah. The port also provides links to cities on other Indonesian islands: Sulawesi and Java.
Cilegon United (champion), Jember United (runner-up), TGM Medan, Rumbai FC, Persilat Central Lampung, U.N.I Bandung, PS Badung, Persesa Sampang, Bontang Mitra United, PSN Nunukan, Persitoli Tolikara and Persiyali Yalimo promotion from Second Division after finishing in the top twelve last season.
The district is renowned as a major rice producer in Nunukan regency, specifically of a variety called Adan rice, and is marketed widely in nearby Malaysia and Brunei. The district also produces mountain salts, collected from salt springs located in the district.
Although initially based in Samarinda, he formally began Kalstar Aviation in Serpong. On Kalstar Samarinda's maiden voyage, the airline flew from Samarinda to Tarakan, and later on to Nunukan. The airline grew quickly. By 2010, it had added another two ATR 42s to its fleet.
The population of elephants in Kalimantan continues to dwindle as a result of damage to protected forests. As of April 2012, 20 to 80 elephants are estimated to range around 22 villages in the Sebuku subdistrict of Nunukan district in East Kalimantan.
It is located on the west side of Nunukan Regency and borders the state of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia. The district consists of 65 villages, while the main town is Long Bawan. The population is estimated to be 6,824 in 2014 and majority are of the Lun Bawang ethnic.
The AGP Foundation has participated in relief efforts following the Aceh tsunami, the 2010 eruptions of Mount Merapi, the 2009 Sumatra earthquakes, the Rokatenda and Lokon-Empung eruptions, landslides in Wasior and the Jember and Tasikmalaya Regencies, floods in Jakarta and fires. Aid has been provided to Atambua (bordering East Timor), Merauke (near the border with Papua New Guinea), Nunukan Regency (bordering Malaysia), Rote Island and Miangas.
A large percentage of the Murut communities are in the southwest interior of Sabah, East Malaysia, specifically the districts of Keningau, Tenom, Nabawan and Beaufort along the Sapulut and Padas rivers. They can also be found inhabiting the border areas of Sarawak, (especially around the Lawas and Limbang areas, where they are also referred to as Tagal people), North Kalimantan (traditionally concentrated in Malinau and Nunukan) and Brunei.
The town has a sport complex with badminton, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, and two stadiums for hockey and football. In 2014, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced formation of a National Sports Institute (ISN) in Tawau. It will be the third sports satellite centre in Sabah once completed in 2015. A cross-border sporting event was held in 2014 between the town and Nunukan in Indonesia. It has been proposed to be repeated annually to strengthen ties between the towns.
Tawau has nearby conservation areas and areas set aside for leisure. The Tawau Hills National Park has picnic areas, a vast camping site, and cabins. It is from Tawau and is accessible by road. Bukit Gemok (also known as "Fat Hill") is an approximately hill about from the town. It is part of the Bukit Gemok Forest Reserve, which was declared a forest reserve in 1984. Tawau Harbour is used as a transit point to islands near the town including Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Mataking, and Indonesian islands including southern Sebatik, Tarakan and Nunukan.
Until 2012, East Kalimantan was divided into ten regencies ("kabupaten") and four cities ("kota"). On 22 October 2012, the Indonesian House of Representatives agreed to the creation of a new province out of the four most northerly of the Regencies in East Kalimantan, namely Malinau Regency, Nunukan Regency, Tana Tidung Regency and Bulungan Regency, together with one city, Tarakan. Accordingly, these were split off to form the new province of North Kalimantan on 25 October 2012, leaving the following regencies and cities to comprise the reduced East Kalimantan:
The native Tausūgs who had lived since the Sulu Sultanate era in Sabah had settled in much of the eastern parts, from Kudat town in the north, to Tawau in the south east. They number around 300,000 with many of them had intermarried with other ethnic groups in Sabah, especially the Bajaus. Most prefer to use the Malay-language ethnonym "Suluk" in their birth certificates rather than the native Tausūg to distinguish themselves from their newly arrived Filipino relatives in Sabah. Migration fuelled mainly from Sabah also created a substantial Suluk community in Greater Kuala Lumpur. While in Indonesia, most of the communities mainly settled in the northern area of North Kalimantan like Nunukan and Tarakan, which lies close to their traditional realm. There are around 12,000 Tausūg in Indonesia.