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que_je              pour_vous              ce_que_je              étais              que_vous              peut_être              je_vous              quand_tu              regarde              avais              vous_avez              donc              pour_nous              qu_elle              quelque_chose              que_aime              reste              un_jour              reviens              mourir              ils_ont              vient              qu_il              veux              je_ne              parce_que              mieux              celui_qui              ça_va              vraiment              il_faut              amour_est              et_puis              voulu              était              laisse              maintenant              si_étais              merrit_iv              rien_ne              je_te              sans_toi              et_pourtant              si_était              quelqu_un              vont              refaire              qu_une              soit              pour_toi             

Examples of "où_je"
je criai : L'enfant que j'avais tout à l'heure,
On February 3, Bocelli took part in an episode of "Là je t'emmènerai" on TF1
In 1991, Sauvat sang for Lebanon for the first time after the Lebanese Civil War,saying "Je rechante au Liban pour la première fois depuis la guerre je m'aperçois que leur amour pour mes chansons est resté intact".
2012: "Heart of Blackness" by Valérie Tong-Cuong and Isabelle Boni-Claverie with Danny Glover, based on the novel " je Suis" by Valérie Tong-Cuong published by Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle
MP3 Disques is a French pop music record label founded in 2004 in Montreal. The independent label was established by singer Mario Pelchat and is operated by Lionel Lavault. The first album released by the label was Pelchat's own "Noël avec Jireh Gospel Choir". The second release, in 2006, was again Pelchat's titled "Le monde je vais".
Emmanuel Moire (born in Le Mans on 16 June 1979) is a French singer and an eclectic artist who has released four albums "(Là) je pars" (2006), "L'Équilibre" (2009), "Le chemin" (2013) and La Rencontre (2015). He sings and plays the piano, with a hundred tunes to his credit.
Their debut studio album, "Orelsan et Gringe sont les Casseurs Flowters", was released in 2013, with "Bloqué" as its lead single. In 2015, they released their second studio album, "Comment c'est loin", which is also a soundtrack album for their film of the same name. Its lead single, "À l'heure je me couche", was released a few weeks before the album's release.
(Là) je pars is the first solo album recorded by French singer Emmanuel Moire. It was first released on 13 November 2006, then on 21 May 2007 in its second version. Four tracks from the album were released as singles - "Le Sourire", "Ça me fait du bien", "Là je pars" and "Si c'était ça la vie", but they were only available digitally and on airplay (except "Le Sourire", which was released as CD single and peak at number seven in France). The album achieved some success : it debuted at a peak of number eight on the French albums chart and totaled 70 weeks in the top 200. In Belgium (Wallonia), it started at number 71 on 25 November 2006 and reached number 34 seven weeks later, and fell off the top 100 after 18 weeks. The album passed almost unnoticed in Switzerland where it was ranked low for a sole week.
Some screamo groups, such as Orchid, Reversal of Man, and Circle Takes the Square, tend to be much closer to grindcore than their forebears. Other screamo acts have often incorporated post-rock into their music. This fusion is characterized by abrupt changes in pace, atmospheric, harmonic instrumentation, and low-volume vocals. Left At Home, Pianos Become the Teeth, City of Caterpillar, Envy, Funeral Diner, and Le Pré Je Suis Mort are examples of post-rock influenced screamo acts.
Abracadabra is a 2006 album recorded by French singer Florent Pagny. It was his tenth studio album and was on April 18, 2006. It achieved huge success in France and Belgium (Wallonia) where it remained charted respectively for 66 and 22 weeks, including a peak at #2. It provided a sole hit single, "Là je t'emmènerai" (#4 in France, #7 in Belgium, #39 in Switzerland). There is also an edition including a DVD released on November 13, 2006, under Universal Music label.
Together with fellow rapper Gringe, Orelsan released his third studio album, "Orelsan et Gringe sont les Casseurs Flowters", in 2013 as the duo Casseurs Flowters. "Bloqué" was released as the lead single from the album. In 2015, the two followed up with their second studio album as a duo, "Comment c'est loin", which is also a soundtrack album for their film of the same name. "À l'heure je me couche" was released as the album's lead single.
Screamo, a subgenre of emo, also has been popular. Hawthorne Heights, Story of the Year, Underoath, and Alexisonfire, four bands frequently featured on MTV, have been noted for their popularization of contemporary screamo. Other active American screamo acts include Comadre, Off Minor, Men As Trees, Senses Fail, and Vendetta Red. The contemporary screamo scene is also particularly active in Europe, with bands such as Funeral For a Friend, and Le Pré Je Suis Mort all being prime examples of their scene.
"À l'heure je me couche" is a song by French hip hop duo Casseurs Flowters and produced by Skread. It was released on October 29, 2015 as the first single from their second studio album "Comment c'est loin", which also serves as the soundtrack for their 2015 film of the same name. The song entered the French Singles Chart on October 31, 2015 at number 126, peaking at number 34 and remaining on the chart for 14 weeks.
In the song, Orelsan sings that "«l'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent à l'heure je me couche»" ("the future belongs to those who wake up when I go to sleep"), which is a reference to the French proverb "«L'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt»" (roughly translated as ""). The line suggests that he and Gringe have no futures, because they go to bed so late (at a time when one would usually be waking up).
On October 29, 2015, Orelsan and Gringe released "À l'heure je me couche" as a single from the film's original soundtrack, which was confirmed to be released on the same day as the film. Both were released on December 9 and, like "Orelsan et Gringe sont les Casseurs Flowters", received generally positive reviews from critics. Two more songs from the album, "Inachevés" and "Si facile", also charted in France despite not being released as singles.
It is a song with a highly elegant vocabulary where alternate puns and lyrics in French and English; it is a clear tribute to California. There are many literary references: for example, the phrase ""Vienne la nuit et sonne l'heure et moi je meurs / Entre apathie et pesanteur je demeure"" alluded to the French poem "Le Pont Mirabeau", written by Guillaume Apollinaire, in which there is the verse ""Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure / Les jours s'en vont je demeure"".
After three albums with IAM, Shurik'n decided to start pursuing a solo career with his 1998 album " je vis". The album debuted atop the French album chart. In 1997 he had already collaborated with his brother on the compilation disc "Chroniques de Mars", and the group released its album "La Garde" in 2000. Shurik'n also continued working with IAM, which released its fifth album, "Revoir un printemps", in 2003.
The poem is set in the Garden of Eden but, contrary to the teaching of original sin, Eden is not portrayed as a paradise from which humanity would be expelled, but a state of barbarity. Adam's nails are described as long and dirty since no-one has yet invented a tool to trim or clean them. The implication is that the world we experience is hence not a prison into which we have been thrown as punishment. Instead, the poem's closing line says, "Le paradis terrestre est je suis" ("The earthly paradise is where I am.")
Le chemin is the third studio album by the French singer Emmanuel Moire. As the contract with Warner Music record label had expired in May 2011 with the release of the debut album "(Là) je pars" in 2007 and the follow up "L'Équilibre" in 2009, Moire said in 2012 that he was searching for a new record label for materials he was preparing for the third album. Meeting the people at Mercury, an affiliate of Universal Music Group, he met Dominique Gau who had just left Warner to Mercury as the latter's artistic director, Olivier Nuss and Éric Lelièvre, he revealed on 14 January 2013 that Mercury would release his forthcoming album.
Charles Molette (1918–2013) was a French Roman Catholic priest and archivist. He won five prizes from the Académie française: the Prix Montyon for "L’Association catholique de la jeunesse française" in 1969; the Prix du cardinal Grente for "Albert de Mun" in 1971; the Prix Lafontaine for "Un chemin de feu (Mère Laurentia Sibien, 1891-1943)" in 1980; the Prix Véga et Lods de Wegmann for "La vérité je la trouve : Mulla Zadé" in 1989; and the Prix du cardinal Grente for the entirety of his work in 1993.