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gersdorf              stadtlengsfeld              siedlung              buchenberg              bretzfeld              wilhelmsdorf              wasungen              altenstadt              grosselfingen              freystadt              burladingen              brohl              hundsdorf              lichtenegg              neusorg              dittersbach              riedenburg              schrozberg              winningen              volkach              steindorf              wolfhagen              deutschkreutz              gomadingen              neuses              gondorf              dorndorf              rastenberg              friedrichsthal              wernberg              teutleben              malchin              braubach              berghausen              gransee              perleberg              sontheim              heimersdorf              wernau              holzhausen              rottach              scheibenberg              rattelsdorf              berching              medebach              osterhofen              immenhausen              alsbach              wilkau              hartmannsdorf             

Examples of "oberberg"
600 - 700 The first settlements begin in the area Oberberg.
Igor Oberberg (1907–1996) was a Russian-born German cinematographer.
It consists of the village sections of Illgau, Vorder Oberberg and Hinter Oberberg as well as scattered farm houses. All of the farm houses, up to about the level are occupied throughout the year.
It comprises Altenberg, Altreiteregg, Berndorf, Doblegg, Hitzendorf, Höllberg, Holzberg, Mayersdorf, Michlbach, Neureiteregg, Niederberg, Oberberg und Pirka.
The city previously included the districts "(Ortsteile)" of Eisenstadt-Stadt, Eisenstadt-Oberberg, Eisenstadt-Unterberg, and Eisenstadt-Schloßgrund ("Kismartonváralja").
Hercules von Oberberg (1517–1602) was a Dutch-Danish Renaissance architect. He was mainly active in the Duchy of Schleswig.
In 1598 Christian IV charged von Oberberg, by then an oldman, with the huge tower and castle church at Koldinghus.
Other events also left their mark. On July 21, 1684, fire destroyed 17 homes, 18 barns, 9 cattle stalls, and a bakehouse in the Oberberg, but spared the nearby church and rectory. Another fire in the Oberberg on July 14, 1744 destroyed 23 homes. On June 27, 1767, a terrible hailstorm gave rise to a yearly day of prayer against severe weather.
In the immediate vicinity are a sawmill and mill with a bakery. In addition, in the former farmhouse building, the 'Red House', the castle's tithe barn, is the headquarters of the Oberberg Biological Station, whose main fields of work are the scientific and practical support of the Oberberg nature reserves and various landscape conservation projects.
After Christian III's death in 1559, Hercules von Oberberg built the unique castle chapel in 1568-1570 for Queen Mother Dorothea.
Neustift im Stubaital consists of the following sections and villages: Kampl, Neder, Dorf, Scheibe, Milders, Oberberg, Stackler, Lehner, Schaller, Krössbach, Neugasteig, Gasteig, Volderau, Ranalt, and Mutterberg.
Birstein proper has two sections. The northern part, uphill from the palace, is known as the "Oberberg", while the southern part, where most of the shops and commercial establishments are located, is called the "Unterberg".
Today an Eisenstadt street has been named after him "Alexander-Wolf-Gasse". The Wolf family mausoleum can be found in the so-called ""Wolfsgarten"" in the city's Oberberg quarter.
The nature trail was established in 2004. This is a circular walk that was the initiative of the Oberberg Biological Station and German Forest Conservation Society ("Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald").
Due to the border regulations of September 10, 1919 enforced by the Treaty of Saint-Germain, the entirety of the Gerichtsbezirk Oberberg was ceded to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Growing in more than 50 ha of vineyards, mainly on south-facing slopes, are grapes that the winemakers make into outstanding wine. The wines from the individual winegrowing locations – "Einzellagen" – of Kirschheck, Kafels, Oberberg and Dellchen enjoy international reputations.
Heart Jesus's hospital Lindlar (151 beds with anesthesia, geriatrics, internal medicine, ENT, urology with connected doctor's house. Since 1999 cooperation with the Saint Josef hospital in Engelskirchen form of the Catholic Kliniken Oberberg GmbH.
The municipality is located in the Rheinfelden district, between the Rhine river and the edge of the Jura Mountains. It consists of the linear village of Mumpf and the hamlet of Oberberg and the manor house at Schönegg.
In 1910, the Gerichtssprengel (circuit court) Oberberg included the ten following communities shortly before its dissolution: Bočna (Wotschna), Gornji Grad (Oberburg), Kokarje (Altenburg), Ljubo (Laufen), Luče (Leutsch), Mozirje Trg (Praßberg), Nova Štifta (Neustift), Rečica (Rietz) und Solčava (Sulzbach).
Christian III in the mid-sixteenth century had the fortress modified and converted into a four-wing castle by architect Hercules von Oberberg between 1549-57. King Hans's west wing was preserved and a further three wings were added in the new Renaissance style.