Synonyms for obesitas or Related words with obesitas

adipositas              hyperlipidaemia              lipidemia              emaciation              hyperlipidaemias              cardiometabolic              hyperlipemia              lypodystrophy              hypercortisolism              lipodystrophic              hyperandrogenic              fibromyalgic              toasthenia              prediabetes              asthenic              cushings              bulemia              hyperinsulinism              dislipidemia              hypocholesterolemia              homocysteinemia              overweightness              sulfatidoses              hyperlipaemia              hyperthyroid              keutel              anorexias              ketoacidosis              hyperphenylalanemia              hypereninemic              hyperglycaemia              leucodystrophies              hyperpyrexia              cushingoid              dyslipodemia              dyslipogenesis              kwashiorkor              purpurastriated              undernourishment              marasmus              cardiopathies              overnutrition              automimmune              lipodystrophia              undernutrition              nesidioblastosis              rheumatological              hypercholestrolemia              sundowning              dysadipokinemia             

Examples of "obesitas"
Birth by caesarean section also seems to be associated with worse health outcomes later in life, including overweight or obesitas and problems in the immune system.
"Obesity" is from the Latin "obesitas", which means "stout, fat, or plump". "Ēsus" is the past participle of "edere" (to eat), with "ob" (over) added to it. "The Oxford English Dictionary" documents its first usage in 1611 by Randle Cotgrave.