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granulatus              complanata              nasuta              ciliatus              cincta              attenuatus              interrupta              constricta              costatus              convexus              inflatus              delicatula              arcuata              decorus              confluens              obtusus              ocellata              caliginosa              bifurcata              cylindricus              foveolata              denticulatus              consobrina              weberi              tuberculata              punctulata              rostratus              signatus              costata              brunnescens              helvola              granulata              gracilipes              ignobilis              nigriventris              cancellata              depressus              conspicuus              concinnus              tessellatus              areolatus              fimbriatus              striolatus              dimidiata              cuspidatus              debilis              sinuosa              papillata              distinctus              schultzei             

Examples of "oblongus"
Megalobulimus oblongus, also known as Strophocheilus oblongus, is a species of air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Strophocheilidae.
This species was formerly treated as synonymous with "Ischnodemus oblongus".
Uromyces oblongus is a plant pathogen infecting alfalfa.
Tibellus oblongus is a spider with Holarctic distribution.
Zignoichthys oblongus is an extinct prehistoric relative of the pufferfish and porcupine fish that lived during the Lutetian epoch of the Eocene. "Z. oblongus"' fossils are found from the Monte Bolca lagerstätte of what is now Italy.
Tmesisternus oblongus is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae.
The creek chubsucker ("Erimyzon oblongus") is a freshwater fish of the sucker family (Catostomidae).
Hemicrepidius oblongus is a species of click beetle belonging to the family Elateridae.
Abacetus oblongus is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Pterostichinae. It was described by Chaudoir in 1869.
Caelostomus oblongus is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Pterostichinae. It was described by Straneo in 1940.
The flying fox is similar to the Siamese algae eater ("Crossocheilus oblongus") and the false flying fox ("Garra cambodgiensis") when young.
Misumessus is a genus of spiders in the Thomisidae family. It was first described in 1904 by Banks. , it contains only one species, "Misumessus oblongus".
There are approximately 70 species of land snails ranging in size from the giant South American land snail ("Megalobulimus oblongus") to the tiny Gastrocopta snails.
The species "Trigonopterus oblongus" (Pascoe, 1885) is found in Papua. It became notable in July 2011 when examination of the anatomy of the weevil revealed the first instance of a biological screw joint. "T. oblongus" is just long and can fold their legs below their body. The biological screw joint is just in size. This discovery was made by Alexander Riedel of the State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe and by Thomas van de Kamp of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology .
Chenops is an extinct genus of notostracan which existed in the Yixian Formation, Inner Mongolia, and the Jehol fauna of China during the early Cretaceous period (Barremian age). The genus was erected by Thomas A. Hegna and Ren Dong in 2010 to describe the Yixian species, "Chenops yixianensis". A second species, originally described as ""Prolepidurus oblongus"", from the Jehol fauna, was redescribed as "C. oblongus".
Ophonus oblongus is a species of ground beetle native to the Palearctic (including Europe), and the Near East. In Europe, it can only be found in Bulgaria and Greece.
The Tashkent riffle bleak, "Alburnoides oblongus", is a fish species of Cyprinidae family. Widespread in the Central Asia in Syr-Darya basin. Benthopelagic temperate freshwater fish, up to 14.2 cm in length.
It was observed that these bats eat fresh fruits of, "Elaeocarpus oblongus" ("Rudraksh" or bead tree) and the figs: "Ficus glomerata" (Cluster fig), "Ficus macrocarpa" (Indian Laurel Fig) and "Ficus beddomei" ("Thavital", a Strangler fig).
The biological screw joint is a naturally occurring form of the screw joint, a mechanical device that combines rotational movement with single-axis translation. Scientists from Karlsruhe State Museum of Natural History and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology discovered it in specimens of "Trigonopterus oblongus", a weevil found in Papua.
Trachicaranx tersus is an extinct primitive, pompano-like jack fish from what is now Turkmenistan. It lived in an ocean upwelling with its relative, "Archaeus oblongus" during the Thanetian epoch of the late Paleocene. Some incomplete fossil specimens were once identified as being a separate species, ""Uylyaichthys eugeniae"."