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Examples of "obsai"
The OBSAI Reference Architecture defines four functional blocks, interfaces between them, and requirements for external interfaces.
The OBSAI specifications provided the architecture, function descriptions and minimum requirements for integration of a set of common modules into a base transceiver station (BTS). It:
It comprises dedicated fibers carrying data in the CPRI or OBSAI format. This fiber network is either owned or leased by the mobile network operator. In the UK for example BT Openworld owns a majority of the fiber network to radio masts. There are proposals to modify Ethernet to make it more suitable for the Fronthaul network.
Most of the industry at the time revolved around achieving lower cost RF modules and power amplifiers (PA), as these two components usually account for nearly 50 percent of the BTS cost. Consequently, OBSAI works to define reference point 3 (RP3) prior to the other reference points to promote more competitive sources in the RF module and PA market.
The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) was a trade association created by Hyundai, LG Electronics, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE in September 2002 with the aim of creating an open market for cellular network base stations. The hope was that an open market would reduce the development effort and costs traditionally associated with creating base station products.
For 3G, a distributed base station architecture was introduced by Nokia, Huawei and other leading telecom equipment vendors. In this architecture the radio function unit, also known as the remote radio head (RRH), is separated from the digital function unit, or baseband unit (BBU) by fiber. Digital baseband signals are carried over fiber, using Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (the OBSAI) or Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) standard. The RRH can be installed on the top of tower close to the antenna, reducing the loss compared to the traditional base station where the RF signal has to travel through a long cable from the base station cabinet to the antenna at the top of the tower. The fiber link between RRH and BBU also allows more flexibility in network planning and deployment as they can be placed a few hundreds meters or a few kilometres away. Most modern base stations now use this decoupled architecture.