Synonyms for obscures or Related words with obscures

conceals              occludes              obstructs              hides              obscured              invisible              underlies              uncovers              envelops              conceal              magnifies              darkens              perceives              distorts              visualizes              illuminates              hide              imperceptible              overlies              concealed              destroys              recreates              discerns              encircles              encases              exposes              sees              concealing              unnoticeable              observes              captures              disappears              renders              delineates              encloses              hidden              circumscribes              imitates              reinforces              camouflages              unobscured              distracts              preserves              overlays              scatters              unrecognizable              occluded              emanates              deters              unseen             

Examples of "obscures"
Botanist John Howell observed that the toxicity of "T. diversilobum" obscures its merits:
The crater partially obscures an earlier crater, named Veneneia, that at is almost as large.
Each randomly scanned particle obscures the laser beam to its dedicated photo diode, which measures the time of obscuration.
Gemination can of course also be transcribed with a length mark (e.g. ), but this notation obscures mora boundaries.
They are translated as "Scrupts" in English editions of Lem's novels, which obscures further cultural associations for English readers.
Calculating its distance is difficult due to the proximity of the Coalsack Nebula, which obscures some of its light.
Lloyd-Smith concludes that Gothic fiction emphasizes that rationality is a mask that obscures but does not eliminate the irrational.
The volume "Voyages en Utopie" (2000) presents the ongoing and completed work carried on by these two authors, in parallel with the "Cités obscures" series. Another book Schuiten and Peeters collaborated on in reference to "Les Cités obscures" is "Les Portes du Possible" (2005).
Macau has generally flat terrain resulting from extensive land reclamation, but numerous steep hills mark the original natural land mass. The modern high-rise skyline of Macau obscures much of the hilly landscape. The Macau skyline both defines and obscures its topography.
With François Schuiten as the film's production designer, "Taxandria" exhibits a loose connection with "Les Cités Obscures" by Schuiten and Peeters. In the "Obscure Cities" series, at times characters refer to the vanished city-state of Taxandria which was accidentally removed from the planet during a failed scientific experiment, an event also related in the movie "Taxandria". A common theme in steampunk-influenced "Les Cités Obscures", Taxandrian clothing and technology appear to resemble Victorian times on our earth, Taxandria's architecture is reminiscent of Schuiten's trademark phantasmagorical architectural fantasies, and another feature the film shares with "Les Cités Obscures" is a bloated absurd, Kafkaesque bureaucracy.
In addition, a right-handed person using right-handed scissors can easily see the cutting line, but for a left-handed user the upper blade obscures the view.
A more concise axiomatization of monadic Boolean algebra is (1) and (2) above, plus ∀("x"∨∀"y") = ∀"x"∨∀"y" (Halmos 1962: 21). This axiomatization obscures the connection to topology.
But upon returning inside the theatre he unwittingly leaves the door open so it obscures the left side of the sign and appears to read:
François Schuiten (born 26 April 1956) is a Belgian comic book artist. He is best known for drawing the series "Les Cités Obscures".
The break obscures a few letters, marked by the brackets. The epitaph has been stated in modern upper- and lower-case script with the missing letters restored as:
John Corcoran considers this terminology unfortunate because it obscures the use of schemata and because such "variables" do not actually range over a domain.
Diving the Devil's Throat requires use of an underwater light, and it is recommended that divers not scissor kick because it stirs up sediment which heavily obscures visibility.
The controversy of his Australian tenure somewhat obscures his remarkable early career, in which he rose rapidly from obscure origins to high command.
Diagnostic features of ankylosaurines include the nuchal shelf that obscures the occiput in dorsal view, and the quadrate condyle which is obscured lightly by the quadratojugal boss.
The term is occasionally translated as "strongman", but such a reading obscures the particular career background of a "silovik"; "forces man" would be a better rendering.