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Examples of "observers"
31,451 observers from local non-government organizations were registered to oversight the election. Largest ones are the "Panarmenian Youth Association" (Համահայկական երիտասարդական ասոցիացիա) with 5,555 observers, "The Choice is Yours" (Ընտրությունը քոնն է) with 4,000 observers, "Free Society Institute" (Ազատ հասարակության ինստիտուտ) with 2,512 observers and "Fist" (Բռունցք) with 2,136 observers. Other organizations have less than 2,000 observers.
The Association for Professional Observers (APO) is an association of primarily Fisheries Observers. It is the first association of fisheries observers.
Observers are not paid for their time, although motorcycle associates may reimburse their observers for fuel. (In motorcycling, the associate and observer ride their own bikes.) Observers are trained internally, but accredited though an external body. Variable quality of observers was a criticism of the IAM, which it started to address in 2013-14 by strengthening observer training and using IMI to externally accredit observers. Some observers are professional instructors or hold the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Instruction. There are some more senior instructors, called National Observers, in each group.
About 292 Bahraini observers from non-governmental organizations monitored the elections, though foreign observers were not allowed.
The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) trained election observers and deployed 4000 of them to monitor the elections nationwide.
The African Union was invited to send observers. The European Union also sent a team of 90 observers.
Due to its unique location, OSP attracts casual observers, professional observers, astro-photographers, and beginners interested in astronomy.
Using blind observers is an excellent technique. Observers are blind if they do not know the research hypotheses of the study. If you actively avoid giving your observers reason to expect a certain outcome, expectancy effects are greatly diminished.
The team had over 70 primary observers. Observers were located in 24 states of the U.S., and 22 different countries.
With the exception of the Holy See, observers must start accession negotiations within five years of becoming observers.
"The Air Service has 845 officers with rating as airplane pilots, airplane observers, airship pilots, airship observers, or balloon observers. In addition about 51 enlisted men have the rating of airplane pilot, junior airplane pilot, or airship pilot."
"The Air Service has 845 officers with rating as airplane pilots, airplane observers, airship pilots, airship observers, or balloon observers. In addition about 51 enlisted men have the rating of airplane pilot, junior airplane pilot, or airship pilot."
The total number of registered observers on October 9, was 1053 persons. The largest mission of international observers from CIS-EMO was 197 people.
The role of observers was re-evaluated, as were the criteria for admission. As a result, the distinction between permanent and ad hoc observers were dropped.
Accounts from observers vary. The following description is assembled from multiple accounts by observers from the U.S. and Europe. References appear at the end.
The Central Election Commission of Ukraine (CEC) had registered 543 international official observers on 2 May 2014. On 23 May (two days before the election) this number had risen to 3,607 (CEC had completed the registration of observers on 19 May but on 23 May had allowed 823 members of the observer organization European Platform for Democratic Elections). Among others OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, OSCE's Parliamentary Assembly, the Ukrainian World Congress and the United States sent observers. OSCE deployed 100 long-term observers and 900 short-term observers. On 9 May 2014 U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland stated her country would support 255 long-term and more than 3,300 short-term observers. Russia did not send observers. Other Commonwealth of Independent States members also did not send observers; because Ukraine had not sent an invitation to the CIS Election Monitoring Organisation.
Order NKO USSR № 067 from 13 May 1938 and the 15th Military School Pilot observers was renamed the Chelyabinsk Military School of Pilot Observers (CHVVULN).
Here, formula_6 is everywhere tangent to the world lines of our "adapted observers", and these observers measure the energy density of the incoherent radiation to be formula_7.
Project Alberta observers aboard for Hiroshima mission:
There were national and international election observers.