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Examples of "ocaml"
"OCaml supports List comprehension through OCaml Batteries".
Snippets of OCaml code are most easily studied by entering them into the "top-level". This is an interactive OCaml session that prints the inferred types of resulting or defined expressions. The OCaml top-level is started by simply executing the OCaml program:
The abstract syntax tree is at the center of the syntax extensions, which are in fact OCaml programs. Although the definition of grammars must be done in OCaml, the parser that is being defined or extended is not necessarily related to OCaml, in which case the syntax tree that is being manipulated is not the one of OCaml. Several libraries are provided which facilitate the specific manipulation of OCaml syntax trees.
A foreign function interface for linking to C primitives is provided, including language support for efficient numerical arrays in formats compatible with both C and Fortran. OCaml also supports creating libraries of OCaml functions that can be linked to a "main" program in C, so that an OCaml library can be distributed to C programmers who have no knowledge or installation of OCaml.
Haxe has much in common with ActionScript 3. The Haxe compiler is developed in the OCaml language. No knowledge of OCaml is needed to develop applications using Haxe.
The acronym GODI simultaneously stands for both "Gerd Ocaml DIstribution" and "General Ocaml DIstribution", Gerd being the first name of the project's initiator, Gerd Stolpmann.
For example, consider an OCaml datatype which wraps a function
If the target language is OCaml, simple syntax add-ons or syntactic sugar can be defined, in order to provide an expressivity which is not easy to achieve using the standard features of the OCaml language. A syntax extension is defined by a compiled OCaml module, which is passed to the camlp4o executable along with the program to process.
GODI is a package management system for the OCaml programming language. It provides dependency management for OCaml similar to the way CPAN provides package management for Perl. GODI is derived from the NetBSD pkgsrc system.
OCaml is a free and open-source software project managed and principally maintained by French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA). In the early 2000s, many new languages adopted elements from OCaml, most notably F# and Scala.
JoCaml language is an extension of the OCaml language. It extends OCaml with support for concurrency and synchronization, the distributed execution of programs, and the dynamic relocation of active program fragments during execution
Far more sophisticated, high-performance 2D and 3D graphical programs can be developed in OCaml. Thanks to the use of OpenGL and OCaml, the resulting programs can be cross-platform, compiling without any changes on many major platforms.
A library for the functional language OCaml was written in assembly language and C.
The OCaml programming language provides three different associative containers. The simplest is a list of pairs:
GeoProof is a free GPL dynamic geometry software, written in OCaml.
It is written in OCaml, with some C and some assembly.
OCaml, the main implementation of Caml, adds many features to the language, including an object layer.
Several dozen companies use OCaml to some degree. Notable examples include:
Here is an implementation of the tail-recursive algorithm in OCaml:
The OCaml, Scala, Go, Elm, and Gosu languages support structural typing to varying degrees.