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"Subulina octona" serves as an intermediate host for:
This carnivorous snail eats other snails, such as "Subulina octona" and species of the family Pupillidae.
Subulina octona is a species of small, tropical, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Subulinidae.
Leiopyrga octona, common name the eight-ringed weed shell, is a species of small sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Trochidae, the top snails.
In relation to introduced species is noteworthy that some of it was spread widely by middle natural environment among them are: "Achatina fulica" (Giant African Snail), "Arion subfuscus" "Subulina octona", and "Thiara granifera" "Melanoides tuberculata".
"Careoradula perelegans" feeds on carions. It has been recorded to feed on dead snail "Subulina octona". It evert an extensive rostrum, that is available in all carnivorous gastropods on the anterior part of the oesophagus, and it uses only muscular peristaltics instead of rasping by radula.
As other rays, spotted eagle rays are host to a variety of parasites. Internal parasites include the gnathostomatid nematode "Echinocephalus sinensis" in the spiral intestine. External parasites include the monocotylid monogeneans "Decacotyle octona", "Decacotyle elpora" and "Thaumatocotyle pseudodasybatis" on the gills.
The Octonia Stone, also known as Octoney, Octeny, Octona, and Octuna Stone, is a historic boundary marker located near Stanardsville, Greene County, Virginia. The stone marks the terminus of the westernmost boundary line of the 24,000-acre Octonia Grant. It is a granite-type rock which is part of a natural outcropping in a hayfield. The stone is engraved with a figure 8, composed of two, nearly perfect circles, with a cross touching the top of the 8.