Synonyms for oerst or Related words with oerst

ducke              wassh              asplundii              cuatrec              dichorisandra              steetz              sodiroi              brongniartia              chautems              mormodes              zahlbr              hoffmannia              vicioides              liebm              gardneriana              hoehne              borhidi              anisacanthus              dumort              walp              endl              klotzsch              froesii              condalia              panamense              trinervis              hanst              chamaedorea              molau              valida              bertiera              eulimnadia              dielsii              herrerae              mossambicensis              eckl              montrouz              macbr              juss              markgr              werderm              cuatrecasasii              bahiensis              greenm              bradea              aphania              bradei              spreng              lafrankie              manettia             

Examples of "oerst"
Little et al., while confirming the above relationship with further evidence, pointed out that an earlier nomenclatural combination in the genus "Callitropsis" existed, as "Callitropsis nootkatensis" (D.Don) Oerst., published in 1864 but overlooked or ignored by other subsequent authors. Little et al. therefore synonymised "Xanthocyparis" with "Callitropsis", the correct name for these species under the ICBN when treated in a distinct genus. The name "Xanthocyparis" has now been proposed for conservation, and the 2011 International Botanical Congress followed that recommendation.