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Examples of "oetama"
Seda sounded out the idea to his friends, P.K. Ojong and Jakob Oetama. Ojong subsequently agreed to undertake the project and Oetama became its first editor-in-chief. Later the newspaper's mission was changed to become one that is independent and free from any political factions.
After the success of the magazine "Intisari" (released 17 August 1963), P. K. Ojong and Jakob Oetama launched a national newspaper called "Kompas". The newspaper's first issue was released on 28 June 1965.
Kompas TV is a national terrestrial private television station in Indonesia. Kompas TV is a television content provider owned by Kompas Gramedia Group; the media group based on Kompas daily, one of Indonesia's leading newspapers, established by Jakob Oetama. Kompas TV was launched on September 9, 2011 with a ”Simfoni Semesta Raya” performance. Kompas TV's tag line is "News and Indonesia's Inspiration" ().
Dr (HC) Jakob Oetama (born Borobudur village, Magelang 27 September 1931), is an Indonesian senior journalist and also a media tycoon; the co-founder and owner of Kompas Gramedia Group, the largest media group in Indonesia. Together with P.K. Ojong, he established "Kompas Daily" in 1965, one of leading newspaper in Indonesia.
His media business includes at least 50 publications, including the well-respected "Kompas" daily, while the company also has over 100 bookstores across Indonesia. Its latest push is into the television business, launched Kompas TV in 2011. Kompas’ interests in the property sector, which include the Santika hotel chain, is currently concentrating on convention halls. In 2013 Jakob Oetama was listed as the 26th richest Indonesians, with $1.3 billion net worth of assets.
Currently he is a President Director of Kompas Gramedia Group, member of board of trustees of Indonesian Journalists Association, advisor of ASEAN journalists confederation. Receiver of Mahaputra Utama award from Indonesian government in 1973, and receiver of "Honoris Causa" in communication from Gajah Mada University on 17 April 2003. Jakob Oetama is still active as a participant in debate and dialogue on national issues and a great supporter of the arts, by establishing Bentara Budaya galleries in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali.
Trans7 was established as TV7 based on permission of the Department of Trade and Industry in Central Jakarta No. 809/BH.09.05/III/2000. 88% of its share is largely owned by Kompas Gramedia;. On November 23, 2001, the existence of TV7 was published in State Gazette No. 8687 as "PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh". The logo itself is the letters "JO", which stands for Jakob Oetama, the owner of Kompas Gramedia.
In 1980s Kompas Gramedia Group as holding company started to grow and expands, especially in communication business. Today, Kompas Gramedia Group owned numbers of companies in various line of business, from media, book stores, printing, radio, hotel, event organizer, television station, to education institution and university. Together with Jusuf Wanandi, Muhammad Chudori, Eric Samola, Fikri Jufri, Goenawan Mohamad, H. G. Rorimpandey dan Harmoko; Jakob Oetama also established the Jakarta Post, English language Indonesian newspaper.
In 2001, the Mahaka Group bought "Republika", the biggest Islamic newspaper in Indonesia. Because of Thohir's background in communications, he was chosen to lead the paper. Thohir received support from his father, as well as founder of "Kompas" Jakob Oetama and founder of "Jawa Pos" Dahlan Iskan to run this newspaper. The Mahaka Group spreading its potential by investing in outdoor advertising company named Mahaka Advertising due to the growth of the economic and the city size in 2002.
During "Kompas" daily 50th anniversary on 28 June 2015, Jakob Oetama expressed his gratitude for the blessings of the media's longevity, appreciates the trust, contribution and dedication of the whole people that supports "Kompas" daily. He also stated the media commitment to always be the true reflection of Indonesia and its goals; an advance, enlightened, peaceful and harmonious society that values pluralism, as encapsuled in the national motto "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika". He also stated that the current challenge for conventional newspaper business is to survive and strive in the era of multimedia, multichannel and multiplatform in both conventional and digital media environment.
The institution was started when the founder of Kompas Gramedia Group, Jakob Oetama, an avid art collector, felt the need to share his art collections, which includes paintings by Indonesian maestros, sculptures, traditional crafts such as wayangs, Chinese and Indonesian antique ceramics, etc. Subsequently it is decided to build a building to store and display these artworks collection. Then the idea went further to build an art gallery and exhibition hall to promote and showcasing the works of Indonesian artists as well as to promote art and culture in Indonesian capital. Later the Bentara Budaya become the cultural institution, as the cultural philanthropic branch as well as the corporate social responsibility of Kompas Gramedia Group. The Bentara Budaya premiere exhibition was the ceramics exhibition of Studio Titik Temu Tembikar, by Liosadang, Purwakarta promoted by the artist Adi Munardi in 1985.
Multimedia Nusantara University had been established on the initiative of Dr. (HC) Jakob Oetama, the founder of Kompas Gramedia. The initiative was then come into realisation by works among the leaders of Kompas Gramedia, namely: Agung Adiprasetyo (CEO), Teddy Surianto (Business Development), the ranks of Kompas Gramedia Board of Directors and the Founding Committee, led by Dr. Ir. P.M. Winarno, M.Kom. (Chairman) and Ir. Budi Susanto, M.M. (Vice Chairman). Furthermore, on November 25, 2005, Multimedia Nusantara University of operational permits issued by the Minister of National Education Republic of Indonesia and on November 20, 2006, and officially launched in a ceremony at the Hotel Santika, Jakarta. The ceremony was inaugurated by Dr. Ir. Dodi Nandika Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education.
Jakob Oetama born from a modest Javanese family of Catholic background, resided in a village near Borobudur temple, Magelang Regency, Central Java, during Dutch East Indies era in 1931. Jakob is the son of a teacher in Sleman, Yogyakarta. His parents directed him to be either a priest or teacher, following his father's footsteps. Jakob finished his basic educations in Yogyakarta, and then continued his education to Seminary High School in Yogyakarta (1951). In early times of his career, he worked as a teacher in Mardiyuwana junior high school in Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java, and then to Van Lith junior high school in Jakarta. He also worked as an editor in Penabur weekly in Jakarta. He continued his teaching education majoring in history education and graduated in 1956. Jakob then continued his study in higher education on journalism in Jakarta and graduated in 1959, he also studied in Gajah Mada University majoring in journalism and graduated in 1961.