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Examples of "olarte"
Take it Away (2007) duo Andreya Ouamba/Alejandro Olarte
Border Border Express (2008) duo Opiyo Okach/Alejandro Olarte
Paulo Olarte – ‘Oscuro Claro’ (Tensnake Remix) (Fresh Fish) 2007
Arnel Tumanan, Joven Sepillo of Tacloban, and Nolan Olarte of Cebu are among the other reported missing ministers.
In the 1964 Tokyo Paralympics, Susana Olarte won four medals in athletics, one gold, two silver and one bronze.
It serves the Olarte and Villa del Río neighborhoods, as well as the Makro store on Autopista Sur.
Serafin's son, Mariano Olarte fought alongside his father and then also led another rebellion in Veracruz in 1836–1838. In December 1935 the name of the city of Papantla de Hidalgo was officially changed to that of Papantla de Olarte in his honor.
Serafin Olarte (died 1821) was a Totonac chief and general who led a revolt against Spanish rule during the Mexican War of Independence in (then province) Veracruz.
Roberto Carlos Chale Olarte, "Roberto Chale" (born 24 November 1946 in Lima) is a former Peruvian football player, recognized as one of Peru's most important midfielders.
The historic Medellín station of the railway still exists in Plaza Cisneros. It is a neoclassical building designed by Enrique Olarte.
After the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, Olarte argued that the 1991 Canarian law of animal protection did not forbid bullfighting against what was being claimed.
Gilberto García Olarte, also known as "Alcatraz", (born 27 January 1987 in Santa Marta) is a Colombian footballer who plays for Once Caldas.
In 1785, the nearby ruins of the pre-Hispanic city of El Tajín were accidentally discovered by Spaniard Diego Ruiz, while he was looking for clandestine plantings of tobacco. This site became famous around the world soon after due to the writings of Alexander von Humboldt and others. During the Mexican War of Independence, Serafin Olarte and his guerrillas actively fought in the area from 1813 to 1820, until Olarte was captured by royalist forces and executed. The municipality was created in 1880 by decree. In 1910, the settlement gained city status with the name of Papantla de Hidalgo. The official name was changed to Papantla de Olarte, in honor of Serafin Olarte. As during the War of Independence, indigenous peoples of the area rebelled against the regime of Porfirio Díaz in the late 1890s, just prior to the Mexican Revolution. A number of clashes were also fought here during that war.
Olarte participated in the Parapan Games held in Buenos Aires in 1969, obtaining four gold medals in shooting bullet, discus and javelin and wheelchair basketball.
Olarte won nine medals, including four gold, at the 1964 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and 1968 Paralympic Games Tel Aviv, in field athletics and wheelchair basketball. In Tel Aviv in 1968, she also won three world records in shot put launches (6.06 m), discus (17.01 m) and hammer throw (29.30 m). Olarte also won gold medal in shot put at the second Pan American Games for Paralympians held in Buenos Aires in 1962.
Carmen Olarte is a retired Venezuelan voice actress who was the voice of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun in "Slayers" and Meloso in "Almendrita" in the Latin American version of these anime's. She lives in Washington DC.
Susana Beatriz Olarte (11 November 1946 Rosario) is an Argentina athlete, who is known for being one of the top Paralympic medalists that country, Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries.
In the 1968 Paralympics in Tel Aviv, Susana Olarte won five medals in athletics and wheelchair basketball: 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. She also broke three world records in the three events he won gold medals.
With the Treaty of Cordoba in 1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain. The same year however, Serafin Olarte was killed by Spanish troops in an ambush near Papantla.
Some supporters of bullfighting and even Lorenzo Olarte Cullen, Canarian head of government at the time, have argued that the fighting bull is not a "domestic animal" and hence the law does not ban bullfighting.