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"Note: Oldcorn never played in the Masters Tournament nor the U.S. Open."
Richard Oldcorn (born 21 February 1938) is a British fencer. He competed at the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Summer Olympics.
Andrew Oldcorn (born 31 March 1960) is a Scottish professional golfer.
Oldcorn was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England. He was raised in Edinburgh, and represents Scotland. He won the English Amateur in 1982 and turned professional after playing for Great Britain & Ireland in the 1983 Walker Cup.
— "Dea by Dea." Translated by Anthony Oldcorn in "Twentieth-Century Italian Drama: An Anthology, the First Fifty Years," ed. Jane House and Antonio Attisani (New York: Columbia UP, 1995).
Amateurs: "Lewis (+4)", Oldcorn (+9), Plaxton (+9), Stubbs (+10), Thompson (+10), Broadbent (+12), Persson (+12), Rose (+12), Thomson (+12), Ray (+13), Andersson (+16), Young (+17), Higgins (+19), Poxon (+19), Crosby (+22).
On 6 November 2005, to mark the 400th anniversary of the plot, BBC Radio 3 broadcast "The Gunpowder Plot" written by Jonathan Davidson and directed by David Hunter, with David Calder as Cecil, Sean Arnold as Lord Popham, Cal Macaninch as King James I, John Henshaw as Father Henry Garnet, Hugh Dickson as Father Oldcorn and Helen Longworth as Anne Vaux.
Blessed Edward Oldcorne or Oldcorn alias "Hall" (1561 – 7 April 1606) was an English Jesuit priest. He was known to people who knew of the Gunpowder Plot to destroy the Parliament of England and kill King James I; and although his involvement is unclear, he was caught up in the subsequent investigation. He is a Roman Catholic martyr, and was beatified in 1929.
Brother Fish is a story spanning four continents and eighty years though the story primarily takes place in Australia and Korea. The story deals with the friendship of Jacko McKenzie, a native of the (fictional) Queen's Island in the Bass Strait, and James ‘Jimmy’ Pentecost Oldcorn, an orphan American ex-soldier, who have been meeting at the Gallipoli Bar of the ANZAC Hotel, Launceston, Tasmania for 33 years, since their release from a prisoner of war camp in Korea.
The brothers were pupils at St Peter's School in York, along with Guy Fawkes, whose name has become synonymous with the Gunpowder Plot. Although outwardly conformist, the school's headmaster John Pulleine came from a notable family of Yorkshire recusants, and his predecessor at St Peter's had spent 20 years in prison for his recusancy. Three Catholic priests, Oswald Tesimond, Edward Oldcorn and Robert Middleton, were also educated at St Peter's. John and Christopher were both married, to Dorothy and Margaret respectively. John had a daughter, born some time in the late 1590s.
On turning 50 in 2008 Ryall joined the European Senior Tour, gaining a conditional card at his first attempt at qualifying school. He failed to win sufficient money in his rookie season to retain his playing status, which resulted in limited opportunities in 2010. He made the most of those chances, finishing tied for 5th at the Bad Ragaz PGA Seniors Open in early July which gained him entry to the Van Lanschot Senior Open the following week, where he claimed his first title with a one stroke victory over Andrew Oldcorn.
Sutton had been busy handling two express up goods and trying to dispatch three light engines to the south between them. At 5.39, Sutton was offered the midnight sleeping car express, St.Pancras-Glasgow, which he offered forward to Ais Gill. It was accepted at once and at 5:44 he pulled set all his signals "off" i.e. set them to clear. Scott and Bath briefly "popped" their whistles and set off. Barely two minutes later the express passed through. It consisted of four timber-bodied coaches, two sleeping cars and two brake vans, hauled by "Kirtley" 2-4-0 No. 48 and rebuilt Class 2 No. 549, under drivers Oldcorn and Wadeson. It was running sixteen minutes late due to signal and other delays at Leeds and Skipton, but was running at and accelerating before making the final ascent to Aisgill.
Oldcorn was medalist at the European Tour final Qualifying School in 1983. He had a steady start to his career on tour before being struck down with ME in the early 1990s. He returned to form in 1993, to claim his first tour victory in the Turespana Masters Open de Andalucia. Away from the tour he also won the Sunderland of Scotland Masters. Several solid years followed along with another title, the 1995 DHL Jersey Open. The undoubted highlight of his career came in 2001 when he became the oldest winner in the history of the Volvo PGA Championship (although Miguel Ángel Jiménez would later beat that record). He finished that season a career best 26th place on the European Tour Order of Merit.
He studied at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy, under the supervision of Luigi Russo, a major critic between the 1930s and the 1960s. After studying philology in Zurich and teaching in Italy for some time, Della Terza moved to Los Angeles, where he started teaching Italian at the University of California Los Angeles. He later moved to Harvard University, where he taught regularly until Fall 1993. His supervision was fundamental for many American scholars in Italian literature. Among his most important students are Lucienne Kroha, of McGill University, Manuela Bertone, formerly of Harvard University and now of the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Anthony Oldcorn, formerly of Brown University, the late Robert Dombroski, of the Graduate Center at the City University of New York, the late Amlicare Jannucci, of the University of Toronto, and Madison Sowell, formerly of Brigham Young University and now Provost at Southern Virginia University. After his time at Harvard, he taught for a few years at the University of Naples "Federico II."
The two light engines were running at only an easy . They had cleared Moorcock tunnel just over a mile north of Hawes Junction and were running across the Lunds viaduct north of the tunnel when driver Bath glanced back and saw the express as it emerged from the tunnel. He opened his regulator and whistle. At the same time, driver Oldcorn on the leading engine of the express saw the red tail light on Bath's tender and applied the express's continuous brake. There was probably less than half a mile between the speeding express and the light engines so neither measure had time to take effect, and the express struck the light engines from behind. Bath's locomotive was derailed and lost its front bogie, but his and Scott's locomotives carried on for over before Bath's locomotive came to rest against the side of a cutting. The two locomotives of the express were also derailed, and the coaches piled up behind them. The first two coaches were badly telescoped, and the twelve passengers who died were in these two coaches.