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antonina_yefremova              natalya_nazarova              irina_khabarova              svetlana_goncharenko              nataliya_pyhyda              yuliya_gushchina              alenka_bikar              sviatlana_usovich              aleksandra_fedoriva              muriel_hurtis              grażyna_prokopek              natallia_safronnikava              ionela_târlea              ilona_usovich              marina_trandenkova              yuliya_tabakova              marina_kislova              galina_malchugina              karin_mayr              natalya_antyukh              irina_privalova              brigita_langerholc              anna_jesień              olesya_zykina              petya_pendareva              helena_fuchsová              lucia_klocová              linda_ferga              natalya_ignatova              denisa_rosolová              johanna_manninen              alina_lohvynenko              sylviane_félix              lidia_chojecka              zuzanna_radecka              svetlana_pospelova              olesya_povh              vania_stambolova              natalya_dukhnova              mayte_martínez              anzhela_kravchenko              alina_talay              glory_alozie              olha_zemlyak              olga_zaytseva              anastasiya_kapachinskaya              lina_grinčikaitė              yevgeniya_polyakova              nataliya_pohrebnyak              larisa_kruglova             

Examples of "olga_kotlyarova"
She competed for Russia in the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia in the 4 x 400 metres where she won the bronze medal with her team mates Svetlana Gontcharenko, Olga Kotlyarova and Irina Privalova.
Olga Kotlyarova (born April 12, 1976 in Sverdlovsk) is a Russian runner. She used to compete mainly in 400 metres, and has an Olympic bronze medal from 2000 in relay. She is also a world champion (indoor and outdoor) in this event.
Coming from the gun, Nigeria's Olabisi Afolabi was the first to break from the stagger formation in lane 3, gaining on Australia's Nova Peris-Kneebone to her outside. After the first half lap, Afolabi began to pay for her enthusiasm, tying up through the second turn where American Jearl Miles Clark and then Jamaican Sandie Richards began to assert themselves. The Jamaican's handed off slightly ahead of the Americans, but Monique Hennagan ran a strong turn to give the Americans the edge ahead of Catherine Scott, with the rest of the world, led by Nigeria and Australia, five metres back. Scott kept the gap less than a metre all the way to the home stretch, then moved into lane two to sprint for home, passing off to 400 hurdles silver medalist Deon Hemmings just ahead of Marion Jones. But Hemmings did not charge out ahead, instead allowing Jones to secure the baton and still hold the inside of the turn. Narrowing the gap, Nigeria, Australia, Great Britain and Russia were all just a few metres back. Jones almost casually built up a five metre gap in the first three quarters of a lap, then she accelerated away to give the USA a twelve metre advantage by the handoff. Hemmings held second place to that same straightaway, but a late rush on the outside by Olga Kotlyarova had Russia handing off in second place. This time Lorraine Graham held the position through the turn, forcing Irina Privalova to run the outside. With no competitors near her, LaTasha Colander expanded the American lead to almost 20 metres with 100 metres to go before slowing markedly going into the finish, jogging across the line with a 5 metre gap. Graham held off Privalova for the entire last lap. Cathy Freeman made a heroic effort to pull Australia back into fourth position, but let off the gas just before the line and was pipped by Falilat Ogunkoya. Australia's time was good enough for the Oceanian record, beating the record they set in the qualifying round.