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texcatepec              kandoshi              soteapan              munichi              cotoname              cayubaba              canichana              tutuapa              tlapacoyan              popoloca              cacaopera              huehuetla              ocuituco              betoi              popoluca              ixcatec              tepetzintla              huambisa              xalpatlahuac              macuspana              subtiaba              chanka              tlachichilco              lobios              yaruro              bacoachi              benidoleig              sabela              chontales              tlanepantla              coyutla              olutec              malinaltepec              pacawara              cahuapana              mecayapan              tapilula              jamiltepec              mozonte              ocuilan              ignaciano              mayoruna              cocama              aimara              sozoranga              locumba              mascoy              tepehua              allentiac              tesalia             

Examples of "oluta"
Oluta Popoluca also called Olutec is a moribund Mixe–Zoquean language of the Mixean branch spoken by a few elderly people in the town of Oluta in Southern Veracruz, Mexico.
The weather in Oluta is warm all year with rains in summer and autumn.
In Oluta , in June takes place the celebration in honor to San Juan Bautista, Patron of the town.
Oluta is a Municipality in Veracruz, Mexico. It is located in south-east zone of the State of Veracruz, about 371 km from state capital Xalapa. It has a surface of 90.48 km2. It is located at .
The municipality of Oluta is delimited to the north by Acayucan and Soconusco to the east by Texistepec, to the south-west by Sayula de Alemán and to the west by Acayucan.
The municipality of Sayula is delimited to the north by Acayucan, to the east by Oluta and Texistepec, to the south by Jesús Carranza and to the west by San Juan Evangelista. It is watered by rivers of the San Juan, which is a tributary of the river Papaloapan and for other tributaries of the Río Chiquito, and the brazo de Coatzacoalcos.
The municipality of Texistepec is delimited to the north by Oluta and Soconusco, to the east by Hidalgotitlán, to the south by Jesús Carranza and to the west by Sayula de Alemán. To the municipality it is watered by small rivers that are tributaries of the Chiquito, affluent river of the river Coatzacoalcos.
Soconusco Municipality is delimited to the north by Soteapan Municipality and Chinameca Municipality to the east by Jaltipan de Morelos Municipality, to the south by Texistepec Municipality and Oluta Municipality and to the west by Acayucan Municipality. It is watered by a creek and tributary creeks of the Chacalapa river, tributary of the Coatzacoalcos river.
Once believed that native words for many numbers had been lost with the assimilation of Spanish, a little known word list compiled by Dr. Eustorjio Calderón in 1892 was lost for some time which now “provides comparative data for number systems used in Oluta, Sayula, and Texistepec, in southern Veracrus, Mexico. The data are surprisingly accurate, considereing that they were collected by a medical doctor who made a hobby of collecting word lists of little-known languages. (Clark 1982, 223)”
The Mixe languages are languages of the Mixean branch of the Mixe–Zoquean language family indigenous to southern Mexico. According to a 1995 classification, there are seven of them (including one that is extinct). The four that are spoken in Oaxaca are commonly called Mixe while their two relatives spoken in Veracruz are commonly called "Popoluca", but sometimes also Mixe (these are "Oluta Popoluca" or "Olutec Mixe" and "Sayula Popoluca" or "Sayultec Mixe"). This article is about the Oaxaca Mixe languages, which their speakers call "Ayuujk", "Ayüük" or "Ayuhk".
The Mixe language is a language of the Mixean branch of the Mixe–Zoque language family. Its closest relatives are Sayula Popoluca and Oluta Popoluca spoken in Veracruz. The language is polysynthetic, ergative and employs a direct–inverse system for participant reference. It can be subdivided into three dialect areas: Highland Mixe (northern Highland spoken around Totontepec and Southern Highland spoken around Tlahuitoltepec, Ayutla and Tamazulapan), Midland Mixe (spoken around Juquila and Zacatepec) and Lowland Mixe (spoken around Guichicovi). The Mixe languages are poorly documented and many variants are not documented at all. Best documented are the dialects of Totontepec, Ayutla and Coatlán for which dictionaries and small grammars have been published by SIL international.