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mariental              otjiwarongo              keetmanshoop              rundu              gobabis              grootfontein              okahandja              eenhana              mkushi              outjo              usakos              ondangwa              thabazimbi              karibib              karasburg              swakopmund              tzaneen              modimolle              khorixas              vryburg              hardap              rusape              tsumeb              nylstroom              arandis              pangani              oranjemund              palapye              chobe              pongola              ongwediva              lephalale              mongu              katima              serowe              magaliesburg              chikwawa              oshakati              mulilo              mpanda              warmbad              haenertsburg              lukulu              naboomspruit              waterberg              mpika              kuruman              ottosdal              klerksdorp              solwezi             

Examples of "omaruru"
Omaruru is governed by a municipal council that has seven seats. It is the district capital of the Omaruru Constituency.
Omaruru is a constituency in the Erongo Region of central-eastern Namibia. Its district capital is the city of Omaruru.
Omaruru Railway Station is a railway station serving the town of Omaruru in Namibia. It is part of the TransNamib railway network.
Okavango River - Omaramba River -Omaruru River - Orange River - Oshigambo River
Omaruru is the only Namibian town not connected to the NamWater pipeline network. It receives its water from boreholes along the Omaruru River which are managed by the municipality.
Other mission stations were: Little Windhoek, Nobra, Swakopmund, Usakos, Aminuis, Tpukiro, Omaruru and Okumbabe.
Jamuovandu Ngatjizeko (born December 28, 1984 in Omaruru) is a Namibian football midfielder currently playing for African Stars.
Nianell (born 1971 as Sonia Aletta Nel in Omaruru, Namibia) is a singer, pianist, guitarist and composer.
The Omaruru River is a major river crossing the Erongo Region of western central Namibia from East to West. It originates in the Etjo mountains, crosses the city of Omaruru and reaches the sea a few kilometers north of Henties Bay.
His first exposure to missionary work in Africa was in 1867 at the settlement of Otjimbingwe where he worked with the Ovaherero. In 1870 he moved to Omaruru and established a small school for children of European settlers. In 1872, he built a mission house in Omaruru, and soon after translated the New Testament into the Otjiherero language.
The Omaruru River's sub-surface water is used by the Damara people to grow wheat. Even in years of drought, 60-80 hectares are under irrigation.
Tsaobis Leopard Park is a protected reserve of Namibia, located south of Omaruru and east of Swakopmund. The private reserve was established in 1969.
The Economic Party was a political party in South West Africa. It was initially formed on 27 August 1925 as the "Omaruru Political Society" by S. Proctor.
Omaruru is situated on the Kranzberg—Otavi line, completed in 1906 during Imperial Germany's colonial rule of German South West Africa.
SWATF Alte Feste AME, Khomas AME, Hochl AME, Okahandja AME, Omaruru AME, Swakopmund AME, Rehoboth AME, Katatura AME and Khomasdal AME.
Stella Tjazuko Kavendjii is a popular Namibian musician. She was born in Omaruru, Namibia and raised in the township of Mondesa, Swakopmund.
Omaruru is a city and constituency in the Erongo Region of Namibia. The town has 14,000 inhabitants and owns of land. The town is situated near Mount Erongo, on the usually dry Omaruru River. It is located on the main paved road from Swakopmund to Otjiwarongo. The name in the local Otjiherero language means 'bitter milk', as the cattle used to browse on a local bush that turned their milk bitter.
Omaruru was established in 1863 by Wilhelm Zeraua, the first chief of the "White Flag" clan of the OvaHerero people. In 1871, Anders Ohlsson and Axel Eriksson established a brewery at Omaruru. Eriksson had also established a trading post, which flourished and by 1878 he employed about forty whites. Eriksson's business was based upon long-distance trading between southern Angola and Cape Colony, which necessitated the establishment of regional trade routes.
Cryptocatantops debilis is a species of grasshoppers in the subfamily Catantopinae, a group of insects commonly called "spur-throated grasshoppers". The type specimen was a female found in Omaruru, Namibia.
Omaruru connects via Otavi to the north of Namibia via the so-called "Northern Extension", built between 2002 and 2012 to connect Tsumeb with Oshikango. All southern and central rail connections lead via the railway junction in Kranzberg.