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tiden              digte              dikter              dagbok              dikt              samlade              bryllup              historisk              blandt              hvordan              noveller              gjennom              nogle              rejse              fransk              historien              tolv              efter              uten              guds              havet              poeten              underbara              hjerte              svarta              historiske              skrifter              testamente              konge              forlaget              talets              paradiset              forlag              hvorfor              historier              finska              eventyr              intill              glemte              landet              vandring              blev              mellom              veien              samlede              sagn              gennem              frihet              farvel              systrar             

Examples of "omkring"
Kim Mikkelsen, Det glemte Slag – Kampene omkring Kolding 23. April 1849 1999 ISBN 87 87152 40 1 (opplag på bare 1000 stk.)
Julpolskan, also known as "Julen den glada går åter omkring på Jorden", is a Christmas song with lyrics and music by Anna-Lisa Frykman. Song lyrics describe several Christmas traditions.
All the lyrics are poems by Dan Andersson. All the arrangements are by Sofia Karlsson, except for "Jag väntar..." (Karlsson, Esbjörn Hazelius), "Omkring tiggarn från Luossa" (Karlsson, Oskar Schönning) and "Helgdagskväll i timmerkojan" (Karlsson, Schönning).
The Hootenanny Singers entered Svensktoppen, the Swedish radio charts, in 1970 with "Omkring Tiggarn Från Luossa", a cover of an old folk-schlager song. It remained on the charts for 52 consecutive weeks, a record which endured until 1990; the song was produced by Björn and Benny, and had Ulvaeus's solo vocal and Benny's piano.
During this time, he illustrated and wrote the text for two works; "Omkring Midlet" (About the Means) and "Dekadent Barbari" (Decadent Barbarism), which were published posthumously by his friend, Jens Lund. They consist of mostly satirical stories that have been cited as an influence on the works of Robert Storm Petersen.
His books include the two-volume "Viceadmiral Tordenskiold" (1925), "Tordenskiold og danskene" (1932), "Fra Henrik Bielke til Iver Huitfeldt" (1953–56, four volumes), and "Tragedien omkring Tordenskiolds død" (1963). He edited a book on Tordenskiold's letters in 1964, and wrote the two-volume "Nøytralitet og krig" in 1966.
In 1990, Caldas exhibited his first solo show in Europe, drawings at the Pulitzer Gallery in Amsterdam. Caldas then completed his second public commission sculpture, Omkring (Around), in 1994, which is now on permanent display in Leirfjord, Norway. The sculpture was classified as "line articulation" and commended for countering lightness with tension.
Weibull is best known for the critical re-evaluation of early Swedish and Scandinavian history that he made in the books "Kritiska undersökningar i Nordens historia omkring år 1000" (1911; "Critical investigations in the history of the Nordic region about the year 1000") and "Historisk-kritisk metod och nordisk medeltidsforskning" (1913; "Historical-critical method and Nordic medieval research"). With his brother Curt, he attempted to put Scandinavian history on firmer ground.
His most well-known book, "Omkring sprogteoriens grundlæggelse", or in English translation, "Prolegomena to a Theory of Language", first published in 1943, critiques the then-prevailing methodologies in linguistics as being descriptive, even anecdotal, and not systematising. He proposed a linguistic theory intended to form the basis of a more rational linguistics and a contribution to general epistemology. Like Ferdinand de Saussure (1857–1913), he accepted language as a system of signs, from the point of view of language use. He argued that a theory of semiotics should be consistent within itself, comprehensive, and as simple as possible.
Andreas Hovgaard was the son of Ole Anton Hovgaard (1821–1891) and Louise Charlotte Munch (1823–1872). Little is known about his early life, except that he joined the Danish Navy and quickly rose in the ranks. In 1878 Hovgaard, as a young lieutenant, became a member of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld's Vega Expedition in which he was in charge of making meteorological as well as geomagnetic observations. Shortly after returning to Denmark he married Sophie Christiane Nielsen (1856–1934) and published his report "Nordenskiölds rejse omkring Asien og Europa" about the first Arctic expedition that navigated successfully through the Northeast Passage.
Finn Bø (4 July 1893 – 24 April 1962) was a Norwegian songwriter, revue writer, playwright, journalist and theatre critic. He is particularly remembered for his song "Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått", which became extremely popular in 1945. Among his other popular songs are "Nå går'n på gummisåler" and "Bare rundt omkring", both from 1928. He published the anecdote collection "Forbuden frukt" in 1945, and the song collection "Jeg tar mig den frihet" in 1946. Several of his plays were also adapted into film.
He took the examen artium in Stavanger in 1949, and a teacher's education in Kristiansand in 1952. He studied philology in Oslo and Bergen, and graduated with the cand.philol. degree in 1957. His paper "Omkring Bǫglungasǫgur", on the Bagler sagas, was printed in 1959. In December 1957 he married Karen Blauuw, who would later become a professor. Helle's marriage to Blauuw was dissolved in 1985. In October 1987 Helle got married to museum director and professor of medieval archaeology Ingvild Øye. They reside in Bergen.
The song was originally released under the Danish title "Omkring et flygel," which means "Around a Piano." In 1962, the Bent Fabric composition reached number seven on the "Billboard" Hot 100 chart and number two on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. In Australia, it went to number 1 and in Germany it went to number 49. It also won a Grammy Award for Best Rock & Roll Recording during the 5th Grammy Awards. It sold over one million copies and was awarded a gold disc. Siw Malmkvist recorded the song in Swedish, "Våran katt", in Danish, "Vores kat" and in German, "Schwarzer Kater Stanislaus" (1962).
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre started a jazz ensemble after World War II and founded a label, Metronome Records, in 1950. However, he is best known for his 1961 instrumental "Omkring et flygel" (literally, "Around a Piano") which became a hit in Denmark. The song was re-released worldwide under the name "Alley Cat" on Atco Records the following year, and went to #1 in Australia and #49 in Germany. The tune also became a hit in the United States; the song hit #2 on the AC chart and #7 on the "Billboard" Hot 100, and the LP of the same name hit #13 on the "Billboard" 200. "Alley Cat" also won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. The follow-up single, "Chicken Feed", hit #63 in the U.S.
Grieg studied at King Frederick's University (now the University of Oslo) and spent some time travelling abroad, sometimes as a tourist and sometimes as a sailor. Receiving the Norway Scholarship for 1924, Grieg spent a year at Wadham College, Oxford in England, studying history and literature. At least one of Grieg's poems, "Kapellet i Wadham College" ("the Chapel in Wadham College"), was inspired by his stay at Wadham, where he was a contemporary of Cecil Day-Lewis and where he among others befriended G.K. Laycock. Grieg made his debut in 1922 with first book of poetry "Omkring Kap det gode Haab" ("Around the Cape of Good Hope"), based on personal seagoing experiences - as was "Skibet gaar videre" ("The Ship Sails On") in 1924. The latter book aroused controversy for its exposure of sailors' harsh living and working conditions.
They were famous for the amount of touring of the Swedish outdoor concert venues and had numerous hit singles on the Svensktoppen chart. Their biggest hit was "Omkring tiggarn från Luossa", which broke the record by spending 52 weeks on Svensktoppen between 26 November 1972 and 18 November 1973. Johan Karlberg dropped out of the band in the late 1960s to take over his father's business. He died in 1992. Hansi Schwarz was also the leader of the Västervik folk ballad festival for many years. He died in 2013. To date, Tonny Rooth and Björn Ulvaeus are the two surviving members of the original line-up of the band. Some of tracks on the 1969 album, "På tre man hand" were released as solo singles by Björn Ulvaeus.
Even before he became an apostle, Anders Sparrman (1748–1820) had made a two-year-long journey to China as a surgeon on a Swedish East India Company ship. In 1771, he sailed to South Africa as one of Linnaeus' apostles where he tutored and explored the flora and fauna. The next year he was asked to join Cook's second expedition on "Resolution". On the journey, he visited and studied plants in various locations including Oceania and South America. He returned to South Africa two years later having made many botanical findings. He stayed there for another eight months before returning to Uppsala in 1776. In 1787, he travelled to Senegal on an expedition to find land for colonisation. He published his travel diary "Resa till Goda Hopps-Udden, södra Polkretsen och omkring Jordklotet, samt till Hottentott- och Caffer-Landen Åren 1772-1776" in three volumes, 1783-1818.
As he neared the end of his life, Jeppe focused more on his memoirs and also historical writing. His memoirs filled four volumes, "Fra min Bitte-Tid: En Kulturhistorisk Sevbiografi" (From My Childhood: A Cultural Historical Autobiography, 1928), "Drengeaar og Knøseaar: Kilderne Springer og Bækken gaar" (Boyhood Years and Laddish Years: The Wells Spring and the Stream Flows, 1929), "Før det dages: Minder fra Halvfemserne" (Before Dawn: Memories from the Nineties, 1929), and "Efterladte Erindringer: Fra Tiden Omkring Aarhundred-Skiflet og Fremefter" (Posthumous Memories: From Times around the Turn of the Century and Afterwards, 1934). Most of his autobiographical works were written while sick in bed from a bout with gangrene. He died two years later from a heart attack.
Freestyle was a short lived Swedish electronic music group active in the early 1980s. The original line-up consisted of Tommy Ekman, Christer Sandelin, Gigi Hamilton, Joakim Hagleitner, Anders Uddberg and Kayo Shekoni, but Kayo left the group with the release of the fourth single Vill ha dej and was replaced by Diane Corinne Söderholm, a half-sister of Rita Marley. The most notable hits of the group include "Vill ha dej", "Fantasi", "Ögon som glittrar" and "Rider omkring". "Vill ha dej" (also spelled "Vill ha dig") did stay on top of the list for 5 consecutive weeks and was covered by Swedish solo project Drömhus in 1998. Freestyle disbanded in 1983 with Ekman, Sandelin and Hamilton continuing as Style. Söderholm formed DaYeene with her sister Jeanette. Freestyle reformed for the Summer of 1998 to re-record "Fantasi" and "Ögon Som Glittrar" and to release a new compilation album. "Fantasi" became a huge hit once again and Freestyle made a one-off concert in Stockholm.