Synonyms for oncocera or Related words with oncocera

semirubella              nyctegretis              phaiogramma              gibeaux              angustella              pempelia              heylaerts              nubilana              moschler              milliere              lineana              coptotriche              viettei              pungeler              chevrolat              hypotia              erschoff              leraut              zerny              collarti              orientella              alpheraky              paludella              protorhoe              brunnealis              apomyelois              liebke              rectilinea              metacrambus              rambur              comparalis              epicrocis              penthinana              dubitata              pseudococcyx              venustula              arniocera              phycita              orenaia              liturata              triphosa              rectilineata              borkhausen              holoscolia              goeze              draudt              fairmairei              seyrigi              cicatricella              myelois             

Examples of "oncocera"
The genus is sometimes listed as a subgenus of "Oncocera".
Laodamia is a genus of snout moths. It is sometimes listed as a subgenus of "Oncocera".
Oncocera is a genus of snout moths. It was described by Stephens in 1829.
Oncocera semirubella is a small moth of the family Pyralidae. It is found in Europe, including the British Isles.
In general, Phycitinae are smallish and slender-bodied moths, resembling fungus moths (family Tineidae) in appearance, though they have the well-developed proboscis typical of snouth moths and in many cases also the tell-tale "snout" consisting of elongated and straight labial palps. They are usually inconspicuous; while the forewings of some are quite prominently patterned, even these have usually rather nondescript greyish-brown colors and in the natural environment the pattern is cryptic. Yet a few species of Phycitinae, such as "Oncocera semirubella", are unusually bright-colored by moth standards, while those of genus "Myelois" resemble members of unrelated "micromoth" family Yponomeutidae and like these are called "ermine moths" due to their bright white forewings with tiny black spots.