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artziniega              ribordone              larrabetzu              kanpezu              auritz              beniparrell              berriatua              orcoyen              alvarelhos              lacarry              almoines              arratzu              berrogain              roasio              zeanuri              zerain              uharte              cleyzieu              montouto              tavernola              isasca              dumitra              zeberio              sternatia              feisoglio              capiago              fenile              gherlii              eysus              vicedo              panao              benidoleig              meliana              quilanga              niella              castiello              bonansa              foios              ezkaroze              cortiglione              asnar              tamariu              rogeno              otxarkoaga              joanes              comarna              ortigosa              arbieto              burlada              arakaldo             

Examples of "ondara"
The nearest large supermarket is in neighbouring town of Ondara, some 6 km away.
It is situated in the River Gerona valley and is bordered by Pego to the north; Benidoleig and Ondara to the north-east; Jalón and Pedreguer to the east and Parcent and Alcalali to the south.
Ondara is a village in the province of Alicante and autonomous community of Valencia, Spain. The municipality covers an area of and as of 2011 had a population of 6644 people.
Hugo Folch of Cardona and Gandía, known as "the Navarrese" (?, ~1405 - ?, ~1470) was Duke of Gandía (1425-1433) and gentleman of Guadalest. He was son of the earl of Cardona Juan Ramón Folch and of Cardona, and Joana of Gandía. In 1412, due to the death of his maternal grandfather Alfonso of Aragon and Foix, he inherited the Señoría of Ondara and Gandia.
Tàrrega is the capital of Urgell in the Ondara River basin. The village has a Mediterranean/continental climate, with an average temperature of 14 °C, and an average rainfall of 451 mm per year according to the . Local attractions include a park at Sant Eloi mountain (420 m) with a Romanesque church of the 13th century. Its theatre fair, held annually each September, attracts over 100,000 people a year.
Names like Areri, Arasa, Atebe, Bogonko, Bosire, Isaboke, Magembe, Mairura, Makori, Mogaka, Mogeni, Maranga, Momanyi, Moseti, Motieri, Nyambane, Nyambati, Nyagwachi, Nyanumba, Nyabuti, Obegi, Ocharo,Omae, Omwenga, Ondari, Ondara, Onchiri, Ongeri,Oyuru, Onkoba, Onsomu, Onyoni, Orina, Osebe,Ombuna, Otwori, Nyakoni, Bagwasi, Omanwa, Ongori, Nyachae among others are common family names just like Smith and Johnson in the Anglo-Saxon cultures. Female names such as Biyaki, Bitutu, Moraa, Nyanchama, Monchari, Nyaboke,Monyenye, Nyatichi, Nyanchera, Nyarambi, Kemunto, Kerubo, Kwamboka, Kerebi, Gesare, Buyaki, Bwari,Mokeira, Bosibori, Bochaberi, Kemuma, Onditi, and others are also common names given to girls.
The municipal boundaries confront those of Beniarbeig, Benimeli, Murla, Dénia, Ondara and Els Poblets. The town is 91 km from both Alicante and Valencia, and constitutes part of the frontier between the Province of Alicante and that of Valencia. The Mediterranean is 3 kilometres to the northeast. The town is split in two by the river Girona, which flooded catastrophically in 2007, destroying many houses and taking a life. The largest part of El Verger is to be found on the western side of the river, and three bridges provide access to the other side and to the sea beyond. Behind El Verger lies the Segària mountain range, a place popular for hiking and which gives the local school its name. A large part of the surrounding lands is dedicated to agriculture, specifically vegetables and citrus fruits.