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Examples of "onirama"
On February 21, 2007, Onirama collaborated with Antonis Remos for the 4th MAD Secret Concert. At the concert, they sang many English hits, and fans nicknamed the collaboration "OniRemos". In summer 2007, Onirama and Antonis Remos toured Greece together.
Antonis Remos celebrated his 10 years in discography by releasing a triple "Best Of" album with Sony BMG Greece which went platinum. In summer 2007, Remos did a tour around Greece, giving 25 sold-out concerts for the first time after 10 years. He had with him a new band from Thessaloniki named "Onirama". Antonis Remos and Onirama met in MAD TV's secret concert that was given in February and from that night, a new album was released. Hit songs of Antonis Remos were "retouched" by Onirama, gaining gold status under the title ""Antonis Remos in Concert feat. Onirama"".
On November 26, 2009 Onirama released a compilation album titled "Horis Etia" (Without reason). The two-disc album features collaborations with other singers covering songs from the band's first two albums, new versions of past songs, remixes, as well as some new songs. For the winter season, Onirama appeared in a concert series with Michalis Hatzigiannis at club REX in Athens.
In 2003 Christos Tresintsis joined Onirama and they began a series of appearances at clubs around Thessaloniki including "Mylos", "Shark", "Rodon Club" in Athens and several festivals. In mid-2003, the band renamed themselves Onirama as their band became more of a reality. The name comes from a Greek phrase "Onira Mas" meaning "Our Dreams".
In early November, Onirama released a new studio album titled "Sti Hora Ton Trelon". The album contains 12 songs, with two of them being in English.
On August 2009, she was married the main singer of Onirama, Thodoris Marantinis and they have two children. Philipos - Rafael (born in 2008) and Michael (born in 2013).
In October 2004, Onirama began appearing at "Malt & Jazz" with their signature live performances causing talk around Thessaloniki. Around the same time, the band began writing their first album and searching for a record label.
To promote the album Paparizou performed on several television programs and embarked on a joint national tour with the band Onirama called Fisika Mazi. She also performed a revue show at Diogenis Studio, supporting Antonis Remos.
The launch party was named "Mad Party" and held in "RED" Club in Nicosia on 5 July 2011, with guest appearances from Kosta Martaki, Eleni Foureira, as well as Greek band as Onirama and the Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou.
Dyskolos Keros Ya Pringipes (Greek: "Δύσκολος Καιρός Για Πρίγκιπες"; ) is the name of the debut album of the Greek musical group Onirama. The album was released on December 07, 2005 by Lyra Records.
Onirama is a Greek pop rock band that has had a number of hits in Greece. They are known for their wide range of music, and party-like concerts.
In March 2006, Onirama was nominated for "Best pop band" at the 5th Arion Music Awards, while they also appeared with Ble, Adrianna Babali, Vasilis Papakonstandinou, and Michalis Hatzigiannis.
For the winter season 2007-2008, Onirama successfully appeared alone at popular "Club Cinema Live" at Peiraios 130 in Athens with their signature live performances. In March 2008, they entered the studio to record their second studio album.
A fourth season of X Factor was broadcast from 4 April on Skai TV. The host Sakis Rouvas remained with Evaggelia Aravani in backstage. Giorgos Theofanous remained from the judges of the past seasons with Peggy Zina, Tamta and Thodoris Marantinis from Onirama being the new judges. The winner of this series was Andreas Leontas from Cyprus.
Paparizou performed the song live accompanied by a piano on the final episode of Alpha TV's "Kafes Me Tin Eleni" of the season on 25 June 2010. She performed the song on her joint concert tour with Onirama, Fisika Mazi during the summer. She also performs the song at her winter 2010–11 appearances at Diogenis Studio with Antonis Remos.
In 2013, she performed with Onirama in Gotham City, and released her first solo single, titled "Kimolia". In the spring of 2013 she was a contestant on the first series of Greek television program "Your Face Sounds Familiar" on channel ANT1. She received positive reviews for her appearances and performances and finished in third place.
The group made its first appearance in 2009 with Dimitris Issaris and Vassilis Koumentakos at the scene of Rex with Mihalis Hatzigiannis and Onirama, while there had been a movement of their own remake the song " Eisai Edo ", digital single & video clip, the reissue of the album " 7 " of M.Chatzigiannis from Universal Music.
The city is the birthplace of significant composers in the Greek music scene, such as Manolis Chiotis, Stavros Kouyioumtzis and Dionysis Savvopoulos. It is also notable for its rock music scene and its many rock groups; some became famous such as Xylina Spathia, Trypes or the pop rock Onirama.
In 2005 they signed with Lyra Records and released their debut album "Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes" (A tough time for princes) on 7 December 2005. The lead single "O Horos (Klise Ta Matia)" (The Dance, Close your eyes) became a radio hit and gained Onirama popularity, while the second single "Mia Mera Tha 'Rtheis" (One day you will come) also became a radio hit.
Throughout summer 2008, Onirama toured all of Greece, while in the winter, they appeared with Despina Vandi. Also, a major defining point in the group's career was on August 1, where the group performed as the opening act in front of thousands of people for international superstar Lenny Kravitz on his "Love Revolution Tour", which was a concert in Athens.