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steenwyk              dijck              goethem              arnam              vleet              agtmael              rheenen              lerberghe              nieuwenhoven              sinderen              leemput              haaften              straaten              bueren              peteghem              rompaey              ruymbeke              tieghem              alstine              miltenburg              vlierberghe              derveer              roekel              zanten              iersel              lierop              caenegem              riemsdijk              wijmen              beurden              deerlin              oostrum              mieghem              coppenolle              itallie              keuren              laethem              dixhoorn              raamsdonk              grieken              rysselberghe              herwijnen              hoonacker              ittersum              peursem              moppes              rhijn              biema              marrewijk              heuvelen             

Examples of "ooteghem"
One other event spurred movement within the LGBT Houston community. Harris County Comptroller of the Treasury Gary van Ooteghem attended a city council meeting to support gay and lesbian rights and there publicly came out as gay, although his employer Harris County Treasurer Harsell Gray told van Ooteghem beforehand that he was not allowed to participate in politics. Van Ooteghem was dismissed from his position, an event that was widely publicized and led to van Ooteghem being elected the GPC's first president. Additionally, police raids on gay bars were common at this time. In 1976, police shot and killed Gary Wayne Stock, a bartender at the gay bar Inside/Outside, stating Stock had run a red light and was shot in self-defense.
Fr. Carlos Van Ooteghem, the last CICM Priest to serve PCS, managed the school from 1980-1984. He stayed on as coadjutor in the parish until his health prevented him from continuing his ministry. It was during his term when the Karel Hall, covered court, Fr. Godofredo and the Practical Arts Buildings were constructed. After 72 years of dedicated service to the ministry and education, the CICM turned over the management of the school to the Archdiocese of Manila in 1984.
In October 1918, he scored his greatest month. On the 8th he destroyed a DFW C. two-seater, and on the 10th he flamed a Fokker D.VII. On the 14th, he destroyed two more D.VIIs. On the 25th, he again shot down a balloon. On the 28th, he was responsible for the capture of a Fokker D.VII near Ooteghem, Belgium. His 27th and final victory came three days later, when he drove down another D.VII out of control.
The Caucus was founded in June 1975 by four dedicated gay and lesbian activists (Pokey Anderson, Bill Buie, Hugh Crell, and Keith McGee) long before gay rights became a major national issue. From its earliest moments, the organization emphasized electing candidates who were gay-friendly and had made specific commitments to support issues important to Houston's GLBT community. Its first president was Gary Van Ooteghem, who served from 1975 through the middle of 1977. A Houston Chronicle photo of early GLBT advocates Ray Hill, Pokey Anderson, Jerry Miller, and Rev. Bob Falls is often mistaken for being a picture of the founders of The Caucus because many early activists, including some of the true founders were very closeted and were afraid to have their photo published.