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Examples of "openoffice"
Apache OpenOffice includes OpenOffice Basic, a programming language similar to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Apache OpenOffice has some Microsoft VBA macro support. OpenOffice Basic is available in Writer, Calc and Base.
Kexi development began in early 2003 with large contributions coming until 2008 from OpenOffice Polska (currently OpenOffice Software).
NeoOffice includes stability fixes from Apache OpenOffice.
On 13 July 2011, IBM announced that it would donate Lotus Symphony to the Apache Foundation. On 23 January 2012, IBM announced version 3.0.1 would be the last version Lotus Symphony and their efforts would be going into the Apache OpenOffice project, including the Symphony user interface. IBM planned to release an "Apache OpenOffice IBM Edition" after the release of Apache OpenOffice 4, but later decided that it would offer the stock Apache OpenOffice with IBM extensions.
Pivot tables are an integral part of a spreadsheet application. In addition to Microsoft Excel, competing software programs such as Apache OpenOffice Calc provide similar functionality; the implementation in Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice up to release 3.3 is called DataPilot. In version 3.4 of both LibreOffice and OpenOffice, DataPilot is renamed "Pivot Table".
OpenOffice Novell edition was a supported version of Go-oo.
The Finnish publishing company Edita published in the year 2002 Jaakko Wallenius's book on– productivity suite called ”"OpenOffice tehokäyttöön”" of which the second edition was published with the name ”"OpenOffice – koulutuspaketti"” in the year 2004. included OpenOffice Basic, a programming language similar to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). OpenOffice Basic was available in Writer, Calc and Base. also had some Microsoft VBA macro support.
The codebase for IBM's Lotus Symphony was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2012 and merged for Apache OpenOffice 4.0, and Symphony was deprecated in favour of Apache OpenOffice.
A detailed 60-page report in June 2015 compared the progress of the LibreOffice project with its cousin project Apache OpenOffice. It showed that "OpenOffice received about 10% of the improvements LibreOffice did in the period of time studied."
The first major release by the project — Jambo OpenOffice ("Hello OpenOffice") — was a localised version of, an open source office suite, and was aimed primarily at schools and colleges.
To insert special characters in OpenOffice Writer or LibreOffice Writer, click Insert → Special Character.
The project has since released BeanShell 2.0b5, which is used by Apache OpenOffice and Apache Taverna.
in Apache OpenOffice Math and LibreOffice Math like this (all three are valid):
LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc can read and write all generic dbf files.
In distributions, Apache OpenOffice is available in Gentoo Linux and the FreeBSD ports tree.
NeoOffice 3.1.1 and later is based on 3.1.1, though recent versions include stability fixes from LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.
The software was developed by IBM China Development Laboratory, located in Beijing, which now develops Apache OpenOffice.
Also notable is the OpenOffice Hindi project, which aims on translating the open source suite into Hindi.
Most Linux distributions promptly replaced with LibreOffice; Oracle Linux 6 also features LibreOffice rather than or Apache OpenOffice. The project rapidly accumulated developers, development effort and added features, the majority of outside developers having moved to LibreOffice. In March 2015, an development comparison of LibreOffice with Apache OpenOffice concluded that "LibreOffice has won the battle for developer participation".