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Examples of "opensource"
1.eMobc, a multiplatform opensource framework made in Spain . Published on 06/11/2012
It is opensource, written in Python and hosted at GitHub.
The community developed some OpenSource technology for electric unicycles:
6.eMobc, a multiplatform opensource framework made in Spain Published on 13/02/2013
In 2009, the conference was renamed to "OpenSource World". It was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This was the last known LinuxWorld or OpenSource World event.
5.eMobc, an opensource Framework to generate native applications on Android, IOS and Webapps Published on 24/11/2012
OurGrid is an opensource grid middleware based on a peer-to-peer architecture.
The game was built with opensource software and is released under the Gnu Public License (GPL).
College has one of the Oldest Technical group started in 2003 to support GNU/Linux & Opensource .
Fab@Home is the other opensource hardware project for DIY 3D printers.
"RoboCode" the idea of RobotWar implemented in Java (opensource) and still supported since 2001.
Facebook also contributes to other opensource projects such as Oracle's MySQL database engine.
A new, opensource IFML editor based on Eclipse, EMF/GMF and the Graphiti API is under development. The
Sally is an OpenSource project and the source code can be downloaded from the Sally Project Google Code page.
Beside many framework adapters these projects have been developed by PhraseApp developers and made available through OpenSource:
HRS Computing is an opensource scientific software which simulates the hyper Rayleigh scattering (HRS) in nonlinear optics.
FreeMED is an opensource electronic medical record system based on Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (commonly referred to as LAMP).
ForgeRock announced that they would continue delivering on the original Sun Microsystems roadmap, however, it is not OpenSource anymore.
Additionally "c:geo - opensource" is a free opensource full function application for Android phones that is very popular. This app includes similar features to the official Geocaching mobile application, such as: View caches on a live map (Google Maps or OpenStreet Maps), navigation using a compass, map, or other applications, logging finds online and offline, etc.
tool will be released as opensource Eclipse Project. The tool will include the mappings from the IFML abstract concepts to the platform-