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Examples of "openxava"
OpenXava allows developers to define applications with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations.
In OpenXava, the addition of a new field to an Invoice only requires changing a single file:
The essence of OpenXava is that the developer defines instead of programming, and the framework automatically provides the user interface, the data access, the default behavior, etc. In this way, all common issues are solved easily, but the developer always has the possibility of manually programming any part of the application, in this way it is flexible enough to solve any particular cases. OpenXava is based on the concept of the business component.
Currently OpenXava generates Java web applications (Java EE) which can be deployed in any Java Portal Server (JSR168) as portlet applications.
A business component includes all software artifacts needed to define a business concept. OpenXava is a business component framework because it allows defining all information about a business concept in a single place. For example, for defining the concept of Invoice, in OpenXava a single file ( is used, and all information about invoice concept (including data structure, user interface layout, mapping with database, validations, calculations, etc.) is defined there.
Using OpenXava makes it possible to allocate the development work using a business logic oriented task distribution. For example, Invoice to one developer, Delivery to another, as opposed to technology layer business logic to one developer, user interface to another.
OpenXava is a web framework for developing business applications in an effective way. It not only allows rapid and easy development of CRUD modules and report generation, but also provides flexibility to develop complex real life business applications like accounting packages, customer relationship, invoicing, warehouse management, etc.