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Examples of "orbs"
In August 1999, MAPS listed the ORBS mail servers, since the ORBS relay testing was thought to be abusive.
Orbs are also sometimes called backscatter, orb backscatter, or near-camera reflection. Some orbs appear with trails indicating motion.
Also known as 'ghost orbs', 'spirit orbs' and 'angel orbs', orbs first began to be noticed in photographs with the advent of the pocket flash camera in the 1990s. They are usually found in digital still photography when a flash has been used; orbs are not often found in photographs taken in natural light or in film photography. At times they have been seen to move in video footage. Usually orbs are spherical but have occasionally appeared shaped as diamonds, rectangles and smears. They are often claimed as real evidence of spirit presences supposedly representing the essence or soul of a departed person. Believers claim that orbs have appeared on command and may have images and faces visible within them when you zoom in; and that under controlled conditions orbs have been shown not to be reflected light but what is known in physics as "fluoresence". Orbs are frequently cited as evidence of a paranormal manifestation in such tv programs as "Ghost Adventures".
The players are then put in an arena, where glowing orbs appear at random. Some of these orbs are colorless, while others are the colored orbs wagered by the players. Within 80 seconds (1:20), each player attempts to grab orbs and deliver them to the goal zones in order to score points. A player can only pick up colorless orbs or orbs that match his color. However, once a player picks up an orb, it becomes colorless, and others players can steal it by attacking the carrier. Players can carry more than one orb at once, and delivering more than one orb at a time provides a score bonus.
While Gil prepares to try to rescue Ki, Callindra explains the Chronos Orbs. Gil resolves to destroy the orbs to save Ki.
The Shield Recharge Orbs are two small, green, floating orbs that spin in a circle. They have the ability to recharge an object's or person's shield instantly.
On 14 July 2008 at E3 2008 lead designer Peter Molyneux demonstrated 'Albion Orbs'. These orbs show where other players are in their worlds and allows bringing them into their world to co-op with. Only orbs for friends are initially viewable, with all players viewable if an in-game setting is changed. Online chat is automatically enabled between players that can see each other's orbs.
Orbs are special items players can either collect on the board or buy with coins at the Orb Hut. They can be used in many ways to give a player an advantage, such as stealing coins from rivals, hampering a rival's progress, or quickly obtaining stars. In "Mario Party 5", these were called capsules. Unlike in "Mario Party 5", the player does not have to pay to use orbs on his or her self and may find coins in Orbs. How Orbs are used is determined by the Orb's type. These are: Self, Space, Roadblock and Special. Roadblock type Orbs are one-use only and trigger when passed. Space type Orbs transform a space into a character space and only work if a rival lands on the space. Self type orbs add buffs to the player that used them. If a player stops on their own character space, they gain five Coins.
The Shield Recharge Orbs only appear in the PlayStation game.
Once the third mini-game is finished, the zone ends with the special "Fuzion Frenzy" mini-game. Each player must decide whether to bank their orbs (converting each orb directly into 10 points), or put them into play for this Fuzion Frenzy. Each player may risk any or all of their orbs, but must risk at least 3 orbs.
ORBs are currently not in commercial use and are still under development. Theoretically, ORBs could replace Li-ion batteries as more environmentally friendly batteries of similar or higher charge capacity and similar or shorter charge time. An application of ORBs is, therefore, the area of handheld electronic devices.
A Co-op game type allows you to party up with up to 4 friends. In co-op, you can obtain special orbs known as "Online Orbs" or "Xbox Live Orbs" which give an overall bonus to all your skills. Co-op mode is similar to single player except the campaign missions will only advance for the player that hosts the game.
Illusion Forest, Ordeal of Orbs: Players must knock exploding Surprise Orbs toward Satori. Satori himself can either deflect them with his cane or connect Surprise Orbs to the one that he is standing on, and once he has connected four, he can use the Orb Dragon technique, which allows him to hurt players just by touching them.
Carceri has six layers, contained inside each other not unlike the shells of a matryoshka doll. Each layer consists of a series of orbs floating in an infinite black void. Light is provided by the orbs only; as one progresses through the layer, the light diminishes, and the orbs are separated by larger and larger distances.
Larger orbs tend to be used for aspects involving major bodies, such as the sun or moon. Larger orbs also tend to be used for major aspects, such as conjunctions and oppositions.
A conflicting origin of the orbs is presented in War of the Twins: "the magic-users had helped Huma defeat the Queen of Darkness by creating the magical dragon orbs".
Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers, found throughout the game in unmarked chests (white chests in "Ascension"), increase the maximum amount of health and magic, respectively. Minotaur Horns, which increase the Items and Fire meter's maximum length, are available in "God of War III" and "Ghost of Sparta", respectively. The Items meter allows the use of secondary weapons, called Items, and the Fire meter allows the use of Thera's Bane. The meters are increased in increments and reach their maximum once a certain number of Eyes, Feathers, and Horns are found. Other chests contain green, blue, or red orbs. Green orbs replenish the player's health, blue orbs replenish magic allowing further usage, and red orbs provide experience for upgrading weapons and magic for new, more powerful attacks, and replenish the Rage meter in "God of War". Gold orbs found in "God of War II" and "Ascension", and white orbs in "God of War III", replenish the Rage meter instead of red orbs; the Rage meter in "Ascension" is also refilled by landing attacks on foes. Chests with changing colors, which allow players to choose which meter to replenish, have also been available. Red orbs can also be collected by killing foes and destroying certain inanimate objects. Bosses and more powerful opponents release a combination of colored orbs when killed via the quick-time feature.
Skills are usually improved by gaining experience orbs, which are released from defeated enemies. The type of orb released varies, depending on how the player dispatched the foe; for instance, killing an enemy with a gun will earn Firearms orbs, while running them over with a vehicle earns Driving orbs. More powerful enemies release more experience orbs. However, Agility orbs are awarded differently: they can be earned by either climbing buildings and seeking them on rooftops, or by killing an enemy from a high altitude. The player can also compete in "rooftop races"—a race through a series of waypoints across the rooftops of Pacific City—or car races to gain Agility and Driving orbs, respectively. A few special orbs, well-hidden, increase all character abilities when found. A final way to collect orbs is by earning Xbox Live Achievements, which rewards the player with orbs from every skill category. Each skill has five levels—beginning with zero stars, and ending with four—with a numeric gauge on the display to indicate how close the player is to the next level. Should the character die, or injure civilians or Agency peacekeepers, their experience gain will be slowed, making it temporarily harder to improve the character's traits.
Certain alien types escort power-up orbs that when shot upgrade the player's weapon systems.
In June 2001, ORBS was sued in New Zealand, and shortly thereafter closed down.