Synonyms for oreocharis or Related words with oreocharis

leptostachyum              guatemalense              poeppigii              microcephalum              nitidula              cuneatum              schomburgkii              appendiculatum              squamosum              drosanthemum              earina              scolosanthus              pandanicola              dielsii              amoenum              pipturus              capitellata              ionantha              chloroptera              egregia              anomalum              picturata              rubicunda              bovei              tenerrima              gyroweisia              obcordata              geniostoma              ridleyi              ciliolata              microstigma              souliei              interruptum              diplodiscus              cinerascens              comparettia              arctoa              imbricatus              rhynchospora              macrochlamys              strombocactus              velutinus              brachypus              hirtella              eichleri              nesiotica              clarendonensis              aphyllum              scorpioides              flavovirescens             

Examples of "oreocharis"
Bulbophyllum oreocharis is a species of orchid in the genus "Bulbophyllum".
The tit berrypecker ("Oreocharis arfaki") is a species of bird in the family Paramythiidae. First described by Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer in 1875, it is monotypic within the genus Oreocharis. It is found in the New Guinea Highlands and more scarcely in northern parts of the island, in subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
The painted berrypeckers, Paramythiidae, are a very small bird family restricted to the mountain forests of New Guinea. The family comprises two species in two genera: the tit berrypecker ("Oreocharis arfaki") and the crested berrypecker ("Paramythia montium"). These are colourful medium-sized birds which feed on fruit and some insects. These species were formerly included in the Dicaeidae, but DNA–DNA hybridization studies showed these species were related to each other but distinct from the flowerpeckers. Some sources group painted berrypeckers as two genera belonging to the berrypecker family Melanocharitidae.